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My friend, noted Llewellyn author, Janina Renee

Janina Renée is a scholar of folklore, psychology, medical anthropology, the material culture of magic, ritual studies, history, and literature.  Her books include Tarot Spells, Tarot Your Everyday Guide (winner of 2001 COVR [Coalition of Visionary Retailers] award for best Self Help book), Tarot for a New Generation By Candlelight: Rites for Celebration, Blessing and Prayer (2005 COVR runner-up, Spirituality).  Janina continues to work on multiple books, with ongoing research projects exploring the ways folk magic and medicinal techniques can apply to modern problems, including the modulation of Asperger’s Syndrome and other neuro-sensory processing problems.  Janina offers regular tips on tarot magic and discovery at


Articles by Erin Heaven

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