How Would It Feel For You To:

  • Feel an almost immediate relief from your pain, tension, and headaches?
  • Have lighter, clearer energy?
  • Have an instant feeling of calmness, serenity and deep relaxation?
  • Feel less manipulated by others and feel their influence fading away?
  • See the blocks in your life dissolve?


Do You Need Energetic Healing?

Are you feeling fatigued or “low” much of the time?
Do you suddenly get physical sensations when angry or sad?
Do you have long-standing health issues that don’t get better?
Do you feel heavy, restless, unclear, unfocused, or clouded?
Is your life not what it should be?


Expertise And Proven Results Guaranteed!

brightsmile My name is Erin Heaven and I have been showing Clairvoyant abilities since childhood. It is my belief that you have been guided here because I have the knowledge and skill to help you. My service has proven results and 358 testimonials from happy clients around the world! I am so confident in my ability to help you that I am offering an unheard of Money Back Guarantee! If after five minutes you haven’t been able to verify my accuracy, we will stop and I will refund your money! To learn more about what I do, read on to My Style and Approach!

How It Works

All I need is to connect to you over the phone in order to be able to create a psychic link. Then I use my clairvoyant abilities to “see” the emotions, events and traumas you are holding onto. For instance, I will see the boyfriend you had a bad breakup with, or I will be told by your guides that you had an alcoholic father who abused you. The information I get is detailed and accurate. Once you know what you have stored in your chakras, you are able to release it. I can then remove it from your energetic being and you can be free from the heaviness, pain and other effects this has caused. This will give you a feeling of relief and deep relaxation that can be felt almost instantly.You will also be freed from the energy blocks that keep you from manifesting a better life!

My Service And Approach

heavenly (2)I want your sessions with me to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. My style is different from everyone else. I’m not in this to get rich off of you. My goal is to get you living the best possible life in the shortest amount of time and to work with the highest amount of integrity possible. Unlike other types of healing where you have to repeatedly go back for more, I usually only recommend about 3 full 90 minute sessions within 2-3 months. Although you may feel the need for occasional “touch-ups”, you wont be using these services frequently. Because of my commitment to honor and integrity, if I feel my services aren’t right for you, I will let you know. If you aren’t dwelling in the right type of energy to achieve real results, I will let you know. Unlike some healers I wont gloss over things or refrain from saying things you need to address in order to have “return business”. This allows you to be empowered with the information you need and to make the choices that will help you move forward in your life.

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