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Who Can Benefit?

grain of sandAnyone can benefit from these classes. Whether you have always wanted to experience psychic ability, or increase the psychic gifts you already have, these classes can help you do it! Just like a body builder has to use tools to help him build each muscle, you need tools to develop your abilities! These classes can explode your psychic potential and launch you into a Higher Consciousness. If you are interested in developing extreme psychic abilities, healing others, working with your Guides, astral projecting, protecting your loved ones from negative entities, and much more- these are the classes you’ve been praying for!

The tools I teach increase your abilities effortlessly! There is no need to concentrate, study for years, or constantly practice these skills. In three months of having learned some of these tools, I started my own highly-successful business using my skills to help others. I have now worked with over a thousand clients from around the world. If you’re tired of getting no results from useless methods like meditation, chanting, affirmations, and visualizations- you’re ready for the next level.

Classes Testimonials

Erin, your classes are definitely money well spent. I was led to the knowledge that I was an empath 3 years ago and slowly my experiences began to make sense however my sensitivity still felt like an infliction or intrusion because any the healing modalities I had pursued were just fluff or half truths and did not seem to help. Any way long story – short I was led to your chakra clearing and classes and for the first time ever I feel connected and the confirmation signs (that only faith in my higher self and my willingness to shift) can produce and are happening daily! I’ve purchased all your classes and naturally recommend this but in all honesty even if I had only had one class I would still be in a much better place energetically speaking than I was before I met you, as the tools given work. I will never view or participate in the energetic world around me in the same way I used to and I feel really good about this! You’ve done something quite remarkable for me and I’m just starting out so I just wanted to give you props!  ~Renee Ellerby

I took Erin’s first two workshops which were about energetic basics and energetic protection. And those tools work! I am empathic so I need to protect myself when I am outside. These tools do the job! Also as an unexpected outcome, I increased my manifestation ability manifold! That itself paid for the classes. Thanks Erin!  ~Livin Lyfe

I’ve documented my sessions with Erin as well as my impressions on the online class. You’re right, it does give you something concrete to track change. Since my two sessions with Erin, I wrote an email that got me a new job that I start soon. The email (no resume) and the interview flowed with ease ending with an immediate job offer. And I’m pretty damn sure that the chakra clearing is what helped me attract attention via an online dating site. I’ve been online before and the response has never been anything like it is now. I am definitely stepping into new energy and I am loving it. I also KNOW that the tools that I am cultivating from the Develop Your Clairvoyance class is helping me have a better relationship with my parents…and others. I am ever so grateful.  ~whovian8

I had my first session two days ago. I had negative entities that I didnt realize I had or that were causing problems in my life. I felt lighter after they were removed as if a huge weight had been lifted from my body! She was very accurate about details of my life, even intimate ones that i had never spoken to anyone about. Shes a a very personable, compassionate, gifted person who made me feel like ive known her for years. I purchased two of her online classes that were very informative and helpful in dealing with my issues. Thank you Erin!  ~Joanne Fry

I’ve been working on Erin’s classes for a few months and am baffled at how much I have learned, knowledge and practical techniques that have been useful in improving my life, my well-being and work. It’s given me the chance to get to know my true self, get in tune with my path and work with clearer purpose and greater power. A few of the classes really stood out but I would recommend doing them all for maximum benefit: Class 4 enabled me to start working with my spirit guides in a safe way, while class 6 taught me how to rid myself of lower vibration entities I feel like a completely new person! I would recommend this to anyone. Erin’s classes are all well-written, easy to follow and are full of useful techniques and information. Most importantly they help you draw back the veil that may have been holding you back in life, letting you really take leaps forward in how you live and work. I am so excited about the future now that I have these skills and techniques in my toolkit! ~ccayne                                                                                                                                                          


The Workshops:


These dynamic workshops will help you transform your life and increase your abilities. You are capable of doing what I do, regardless of your current experience or ability. In these workshops you will:

These workshops are being given in three tiers. The first tier is designed to increase your clairvoyance and teach you how to use your amazing abilities to improve your life! The second tier is designed for people who want to learn how to heal themselves and others! The final tier teaches you how to communicate with the Other Side, increase your abundance, learn how to manifest your desires, create your perfect life, get rid of negative entities, and so much more! mentalpower

Tier 1: Developing Clairvoyance:

      Class 4: $99


Tier 2: Healing Yourself and Others:

      Class 6: $99

Tier 3: Abundance, Manifestation, and More:

      Class 7: $99

Each class is $99 and must be taken in order. Commit to all 8 classes and get the entire course for only $699! You will be getting the last class free! Upon purchase, please register on this site and we will provide you access to the class. Contact us at if necessary. There is no money back guarantee on classes. There is no way to return them, so make sure you feel guided to purchase them before you buy.

Get all 8 classes and save $99! Only $699.

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