Low-Vibration Entities

Low-Vibration or ‘Negative’ Entities

Low-Vibration Entities, or LVEs, are energetic parasites that live on a lower plane of existence. This means that they can interact with us, but we aren’t aware of them unless we are clairvoyantly gifted. They are malicious and sentient beings and once attached, will influence us to shape our lives in destructive, unfulfilling ways, that generate much unhappiness, anger, alienation, and other unpleasant emotions for them to feed off of. Much of our suffering is due to the influence of these beings, and once removed, people can reclaim their lives.


Are Entities Influencing You?   

Could entities be influencing you? As strange as it may sound, you may be experiencing symptoms of manipulation and not even know it. Without a clairvoyant analysis there is no way to tell for sure if what you are experiencing might be connected to LVEs, but you can make an educated guess. Do you:


Removing Entities

Removing entities is an entirely painless process and often has an immediate and dramatic effect. People can feel these removals very profoundly as a sense of relief, a rush of energy returning to them, a tingly warmth, and a lightening of their energetic field. Even people who don’t believe in their existence will notice a huge shift in their lives.

Entity removals are done in concert with the chakra clearings. After we clean out the layers of gunk in the chakras, the LVEs become apparent. I look at what they are doing in your life, and tell you so you can confirm you understand how you are being affected. I look at the contract that allowed them to attach, and assist you in breaking it. And then I erase them so they will never bother you again. Once erased, you will likely experience a noticeable shift in your energy and feel an immediate relief. It may take a few days for you to notice the change in your life, but most people email me and tell me how different their lives become after a session.


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