Chakra/Aura Healing and More

Higherself1Are Your Chakras Blocked?

Chakra Clearing Can:

Chakra Healing:

When we experience strong emotions or trauma, we alter our energy body. Trauma, frustration, anger, jealousy and even intense love can cause a form of “energetic congestion” to be stored in your chakras and body. When this congestion gets stored in your chakras, it can manifest as physical pain or ailments, and even block you from creating a satisfying life. When you have congested energy in your physical body, it can manifest as tension, headaches, and general aches and pains.

I scan your chakras, body and aura and locate areas of congested energy, pain, and repressed, stored emotional trauma. I tell you what you are holding onto and assist you in releasing it from your Being completely. Then, acting as a conduit of the Divine, I bring in the High-Vibration Love and Light of Creator to take the place of the lower, congested energy you released.

This brings about an amazing, and often instantaneous, change within a person that is usually instantly felt as warmth, calmness and serenity. It is very common for ailments and life situations to suddenly and spontaneously correct themselves after a session!

Is Your Aura Damaged?

Aura Healing:

The aura is an energetic filter that protects us from the energies around us. Electrical energy, EMF radiation, and even strong emotions can affect the aura and make it weak. Traumatic events can also damage the aura. When this occurs we find ourselves more vulnerable to the energy around us. We can then suddenly find ourselves reluctant to leave the safety of our houses, unwilling to go out in crowds, and refusing invitations from friends. As part of a full-service energetic healing, my healing guides and I repair damage to the aura, energize, and realign it. This often helps in improving these situations and can help with these types of anxiety when nothing else will!

Communication With The Other Side:

crossingoverMy abilities allow me to work with people who have Crossed Over, and help others connect to them by relaying their messages. Sometimes, when doing a reading that brings in someone from the Other Side, it is necessary to offer them a healing because they often have Crossed Over with drug energy in their auras and pain memory that leaves them anchored to the lower planes. After sweeping the energy, they are free from the pain memory and congested energy and are free to explore the Higher Realms of God.

Past Life Readings:

bridge (2)Past Life Readings are very beneficial in helping you understand certain personality traits or problematic patterns in your life. They can also tell you why you have certain phobias about things you can’t explain. If you have always had a certain fear or personality quirk and have no idea how it formed, Past Life Readings can help uncover the reason! Understanding the lesson you didn’t learn so long ago is very beneficial in moving past that energy or lesson. Another great benefit to past life readings is the ability to clear the karma behind a certain pattern in your life. You can find improvement with current relationships that have a past life tie. You can even discover the cause behind problematic patterns and clear the reason for them!

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