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100% Money Back Guarantee!

At this time Erin is not having sessions. We encourage everyone to read through the site, especially the articles, and to look at the written classes which are still available. Watch here for any announcement when she is  ready to resume services and we apologize for the inconvnience.

Purchase with confidence! I am an authentic Clairvoyant that offers an unheard of Money Back Guarantee. If, after five minutes, you haven’t been able to verify my accuracy, we will stop and I will refund your money!

*Refund must be asked for at the time of the reading, and doesn’t apply to return customers who have already experienced my accuracy, or to classes.
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Before You Begin:

Service Rates:

*Clairvoyant Chakra Analysis: $119 for 20 minutes.
~Clairvoyant scan of your chakras that reveals what is blocking you.

*Clairvoyant Reading: $149 for 30 minutes.
~Basic reading for one of the following:

*Clairvoyant Reading: $169 for 45 minutes.
~Basic reading for one of the following:

*Full Body Chakra and Energy Clearing: $249 for 90 minutes. 
~Total Energetic Clearing includes:

 *Tips and donations:
~If you feel your session has been particularly fulfilling, and would like to offer a tip, you can input any amount.  Thank you.

To Book a Session:

After you purchase your session, please make sure to email Erin through the contact page. A typical session takes an hour and a half and most people feel the difference instantly. Please avoid alcohol and drugs for 72 hours prior to your session. After the first full session, I recommend waiting a month and having another one, then another month or two for the third. This will clear out all the congested energy that has filtered through from the previous clearings. After the third session, people tend to be cleared of most of their issues and only need to see me occasionally, or as the need arises.

Discount Programs:

In an effort to make my services accessible for everyone, I offer several discounts to get the life-changing services so many have enjoyed.

*Referral Program:
~Refer someone who has a 90 minute clearing and receive a $50 credit on your purchase.

*Video Testimonials:
~Receive a $50 credit on approved video testimonials.

*Group Discounts!:
~Contact me for details.

Cancellation and Rescheduling:

Due to excessive demands on my time, cancellations or reschedules must be made 24 hours before your appointment or a $35 fee may be applied. If you reschedule more than once, and then cancel your service, $35 per reschedule may be deducted from your refund. Missed appointments will be charged $50.  Clients are responsible for calling on time because your session minutes start at the appointed time.

Thank you for being considerate!

Legal Disclaimer:

Before receiving a reading from Rev. Erin Heaven YOU UNDERSTAND AND AGREE THAT:

You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a reading with Rev. Erin Heaven or have the written permission of a guardian. Rev. Erin Heaven will not answer health questions or diagnose/treat any medical conditions whatsoever. You will be offered “clairvoyant spiritual insight” and have your energy cleared, but this is by no means a substitution or replacement for your doctor and/or licensed medical professional. Rev. Erin Heaven hereby disclaims any liability, to any person or entity, for any loss or damages, caused in regard to any information, suggestions or advice, provided to you through this service. Use of this service is at your sole risk and for entertainment purposes only. Erin Heaven reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Items/information submitted to this site, such as testimonials and video testimonials, are the sole property of Erin Heaven and Guaranteed Healing. All rights reserved.

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