Chakras and the Law of Attraction

Have you been experiencing depression, fatigue, anxiety and pain and can’t find a cause? Are your relationships and finances suffering and you can’t find a way to pull yourself out of your rut? Have you tried everything under the sun without any improvement in your situation?

What if I told you that your problems aren’t a result of the economy or the state of the world? What if I told you that your physical symptoms are a sign of something else entirely? Would you believe me if I told you that all your problems might have started in your energetic field and can easily be corrected?

The chakras, or energy centers of the body, act like mini-projectors, displaying to the Universe, the blueprint of our lives. When a chakra is imbalanced or congested with past memories of events and traumas, it no longer functions as it is meant to. For instance, if we grew up in a household where both parents worked and never had time for us, and there was never any money available for the things we wanted, we might store that memory in our Root Chakra and from then on, project the same story throughout our lives. We might find ourselves growing up and never getting a good job, getting that promotion or raise, and having to work hard just to make ends meet all our lives. Clearing this pattern or belief out of the chakra can pave the way for new information to take its place.

In my healing practice I regularly see clients who come to me complaining of pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression and a malfunctioning life. After clairvoyantly “seeing” the events in their chakras and clearing them, the body and aura of old emotions and memories, they instantly feel a lessening of pain and tension. Their headaches and backaches go away within minutes and they report amazing changes in their lives. They are suddenly able to buy the house they wanted, leave their abusive husband, get promoted at work or find a better relationship! This phenomenon is available to anyone who is willing to step out of old energy, forgive past wrongs and step into a new life!

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