Entities and How They Attach

Low-vibration entities are beings that exist on a lower energetic plane than the one we exist on. Therefore, they do not have a physical presence in our world. However, they are present here. In order to exist on this plane, they must attach to us and feed off of our energy. Unfortunately for us, they can only feed off of our lower emotions, like hatred, greed, jealousy, rage, etc. Therefore, once they attach, they begin to influence us to either feel these emotions, or to create our lives in a problematic way that generates misery. These beings mostly attach to our chakras. Chakras are energy and information centers. When an entity attaches to a chakra, they have direct access to the energy and level of consciousness this chakra relates to. For example:

Because these entities are attached to these centers, they can more strongly affect you. But how do they attach in the first place? We live in a world that is governed by a principal called Free Will. Therefore, these entities aren’t just attaching to us at random, they have to have our permission to do so. Of course no rational person would ever allow an entity to attach to them, so they have developed many ways to trick people into allowing the attachment.

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