Five Reasons Your Relationships Don’t Work

Relationships are never cut and dry. There are so many varied dynamics at work. Not only do you have to consider the different interests, temperaments, and personalities involved, but there is also an energetic component that most people aren’t ever aware of. We are essentially a collection of energy. Our emotions and thoughts are made up of energy, as well as our desires, our lusts, our likes and dislikes. Everything that makes us who we are is based in energy. When we hold onto traumas, emotions, and events from the past, we retain this energy in our chakras and throughout our bodies. Our chakras are energy centers that make up our Channel of Manifestation. This is the channel through which we create everything in our lives. The chakras are essential in manifestation and act like mini- movie projectors, sending out information to the Universe. When our chakras are blocked with old traumas and hurts, we are holding that information there, like film, and sending it out to the Universe. This brings us to our first reason.

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