Five Secrets to Creating the Perfect Life

Creating the perfect life seems outside the reach of most people today. We are struggling with difficult relationships, a struggling economy, world-wide disasters, and much more. So why do some people seem to have it so easy? The answer might surprise you! What if I told you that we can each create the perfect life? It’s true. You are creating your life right now! Your beliefs, thoughts, and intentions create every experience in your life. This is the basic premise of the Law of Attraction. I’m going to share with you five secrets to create your perfect life. But first I need to explain the basic principal at work here. The Law of Attraction is a spiritual law that governs our lives. Basically, what we send out, we draw to us. This works with our intentions, beliefs, and even our thoughts! If we think and believe that we are unhealthy, never have good relationships, never have enough money, etc- then that is exactly what we create.

Many people are already familiar with the Law of Attraction, but what most people don’t know is that the experiences and emotions we have stored in our chakras are sending out information to the Universe, even though we aren’t consciously aware of it. Our chakras are like movie projectors that play the film of stored events in our chakras. When this information is trapped in our chakras, we are continually creating our life based on what we have stored. For instance, if we are storing issues with our alcoholic and abusive father, we could easily find ourselves attracting the same type of person throughout our lives. We might find we married people with the same troubling traits as our mother, without even realizing it. Most ‘releasing’ techniques don’t work because they don’t clear the chakras, only the emotions. The chakras have to be cleared of our traumas or we will keep creating these issues. This brings us to:

Working with a qualified clairvoyant energetic practitioner can make the process even easier. A clairvoyant practitioner can tell you all the energy from past hurts, traumas, and events, and help you to release them. This eliminates the heavy congestion in your aura, chakras, and body, that keep you from creating the life you desire. Once this energy is cleared people feel light, serene, and relieved. They are then enabled to manifest things more easily, often creating whole new lives for themselves. A qualified practitioner can work with you to cut psychic cords, clear karma, address past life issues affecting this life.

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