Five Ways to Eliminate Resistance in Your Life

If you are a person who has struggled with long-standing health issues that don’t get better no matter what you do, you probably have some resistance to healing. We are all running subconscious tapes that color our approach to life. We have picked up the beliefs and influence of those around us and may have even adopted their thinking. This can lead us to inadvertently create our lives in a way that isn’t in our Highest Good. People that have experienced bad health or relationships throughout their lives might believe nothing will ever change. They might even be resistant to change because it is what they’ve known for so long and have adapted to their less-than-perfect life. So how do you know if you are experiencing resistance in your life? You might:

Traditionally people have gone to counselors, spending years talking about their problems, their frustrations, and their views of the world, to have these issues addressed and worked through. Now there are simple, fast, and effective ways to identify these issues and release them from your life so you are able to create the perfect life!

Working with a qualified clairvoyant energetic practitioner can help tremendously in identifying your issues and releasing them.

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