Five Ways to Fix Your Relationships

Most of us have struggled in unfulfilling and troubled relationships. We may have tried counseling, couples’ therapy, or even the self-help section of our local bookstore! What if I told you there was another way to address relationship issues that often produces dramatic results in your life and theirs? Best of all, it doesn’t take years to achieve results, while you are constantly struggling through your problems in the meantime. Because we are energetic beings, we sometimes need healing at the energetic level. Our thoughts, feelings, desires, and memories are all energetic and they shape our reality. This energy is often stored in our chakras and we carry it with us wherever we go. Our chakras are energy centers that help us manifest and create our life. If our chakras are blocked with past hurts and memories, we end up creating the very things we are holding onto. For example, if our issue is being cheated on, we may find this happens to us again and again. The patterns in our life develop because we don’t release the energy of these events from our life. We hold onto it and then constantly manifest it again and again. We might even misinterpret signs because of the past information we are holding onto and assume we are being cheated on when we aren’t. This will keep you from having trust in your partner and creating unnecessary tension between you.

These things are not outside your control. There are five things you can do to maximize your relationship potential and begin addressing the real cause of your difficulties. These five things will move your life in a different direction and all they take are willingness, intention, and belief to manifest in your life. These five things, although commonsense, will start changing the troublesome patterns of your life when you embrace them. They are as follows:

Working with a qualified clairvoyant energetic practitioner can take you a long way towards correcting the energetic causes of troubled relationships. By addressing the energy, karma, past life relationships, psychic cords, entities, and other factors, you can move forward dramatically in your relationships with others. Once you are ready to move into new energy and address your issues, you can achieve amazing results.


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