Greys: Negative Entities, Not Aliens

There are many misconceptions about the beings people mistake for aliens- the Greys. No one really seems to know who these beings are and from where they come. There is even more confusion about what they are here to do. A lot of people take them to be beings from another world, flying around in spaceships, here to aid mankind on its journey. Many first-hand accounts tell of being paralyzed by extreme panic and terror, unable to move as these beings begin ‘experimenting’ on, and ‘implanting’ people. Some people have been lead to believe that these beings are here for our benefit, but in my experience, this just isn’t true. As a Clairvoyant Energetic Healer, I know that they are not aliens and they are not here for our benefit. These beings are extremely harmful and very malevolent. They are not here from another world and they are not here as our friends. That is hype perpetrated by people who have never experienced them or are unable to look at the situation clairvoyantly. In my practice I have experienced an encounter with one of these entities and have dealt with the implants they put in people. I can tell you what I’ve learned from my experience healing people who have suffered from the manipulation of these malevolent beings. I am certain they are not beings from another planet at all. They are interdimensional beings from a much lower vibration than ours. They are from such a low-vibrational plane that they are on-par with what religions have termed ‘demons’. They connect with us on the etheric/astral level, where much of a typical ‘Abduction’ experience takes place. They put etheric implants in people and these are often seen by clairvoyants as ‘crystalline’ in nature and may be seen in the physical as well. Once implanted in a person they disrupt the natural flow of energy. They tap into a person’s chakras, aura, and emotional body, often causing severe panic attacks, anxiety, and other overwhelming emotions, in order to be drained of this energy. These ‘Disruptors’ scatter the thoughts of people, some times producing schizophrenic-like symptoms. They can confuse the mind to the point of compelling people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t do. The more they can influence misery, fear, and other lower emotions, the more these entities are able to drain them.

Most low-vibration entities are barely sentient. They live in perpetual state of misery and feed off of the misery of others like parasites. Many other entities attach to a person to suppress their psychic and healing abilities, and keep them from becoming empowered to help others, as well as feed off them. Then there are entities like these ‘Greys’ that are extremely sentient and fantastically hostile and malevolent. They are part of a Dark Agenda that goes past my comprehension, but that has existed before the Dawn of Time. They only seem to attack a small number of people directly. These people usually have extraordinary gifts to aid humanity. They are often natural healers, psychics, spiritual teachers, leaders, and anyone primed to reach many people with their Truth. These people become implanted and often experience being ‘removed’ or ‘disassociated’ from themselves. They don’t connect to their emotions properly. They either experience no emotions at all, or they experience extraordinarily strong emotions to the point they may feel insane. These emotions, when felt, are never ‘positive’ emotions. These people seem to be separated from all the life-affirming emotions. The only things they feel are dread, terror, horror, anxiety, sadness, regret, and rage. They are people often triggered to uncharacteristic acts of violence or harm towards others. They feel compelled to do things and then later regret them deeply. This is a form of possession that is more like a puppeteer pulling on a string.

People often claim to see UFOs when these beings are sighted or people claim to be abducted. I don’t believe these ships are designed to carry these beings across the stars. I believe they are vehicles that allow them to move from their own vibrational reality to ours. Their bodies are often described as emaciated and weak, and this is likely because they are coming from their own vibrational dimension to ours. Their agenda in building these devices is to find a way to leave their own vibrational reality, which is very like religious concepts of Hell, and come into ours. They haven’t found a way to do this successfully. They are incapable of being in this reality for long periods of time. Our vibrations are incompatible.

They hold humanity in nothing but contempt and pure, unadulterated hatred. They despise us for our Free Will and the chance to raise our vibration even higher. This is something that has been denied them, rather like the story of the Fallen Angels in Heaven. These beings would like nothing better than to destroy humanity and take our place on Earth. However, we are protected by the fact that we have bodies on this plane and they technically do not. Their bodies don’t resonate with this reality, therefore we have dominance here. Clairvoyants like myself understand that as beings of Free Will, we have dominance over lower vibration entities. I know that I can command an entity to leave, and if it does not, I’m gifted with knowing how to erase it, (and I teach this in my Online Distance Learning classes to pass along this sacred knowledge!). Their implants can be erased by clairvoyants who can see them and who know what to do to get rid of them! They can be erased themselves and will flee when shown you can erase them. The first time I understood the truth about what these ‘Greys’ are, I was working with a client to clear their chakras. They came to me feeling that there was something in their chakras that was disrupting their energy. I found strange, crystalline structures in their chakras that almost seemed to be alive. I was able to erase these structures, like erasing a negative entity. In the first session, the person experienced much relief. Then I was contacted by this frantic client to be told that they seemed to be back! In another session I saw that they had indeed come back. I erased them again and I suddenly clairvoyantly witnessed a Grey coming into her space on the etheric level and put its hand on her shoulder. She instantly told me she was having a terrible pain that suddenly appeared in that shoulder! I showed this thing that I have the ability to erase low-vibration entities and commanded that it leave. It sent me an overpowering level of hostility and hatred and immediately left. This is something that wouldn’t happen if it was an alien and not a being subject to the Will of those with bodies on this plane. After I erased the ‘Disruptors’ in her chakras this time, they didn’t come back.

In another session I saw a “crystal shard” in a client’s Throat Chakra. They were being prevented from speaking clearly and hadn’t been able to sing in years. After removing this device, they regained their ability to sing. They found they could begin communicating clearly, confronting bad behavior, sharing their thoughts and feelings with others, and generally being more a part of life. These were all things they had been blocked from doing before. This is a typical block put into people by the Dark Agenda when they have the ability to help others. If they can be kept silent, they will not be empowered to help others heal.

In my most recent session I worked with a musical artist and producer who has been blocked in his creativity. His project wasn’t being well-received and he was having a lot of frustration with things. I found a crystal shard in the middle of the glowing yellow of his aura. Yellow is the color of creativity, inspiration, and psychic ability. He was able to recall exactly when this was put into him by how removed from his creativity and emotions he became.

Fortunately, in the several hundred to over a thousand people I’ve seen in my private practice, I’ve only ever encountered these implants about 3-4 times. So it’s very unlikely you have this issue. But if you are experiencing these symptoms and tend to have a dread fear of Greys, and if you ever wake up paralyzed in fear, it’s a possibility you might want to examine further.

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