Healers Are Like Actors ~ You Should See Them Perform BEFORE You Hire Them!

Why is it that famous actors receiving a 7-figure salary still have to go to casting calls before they are given the part, but healers and clairvoyants often expect you to pay them to experience what they do without any guarantee? Healers are a lot like actors. We have a very important role to play and all of us play it a bit differently. Should a potential client have to pay one healer after the next just to find one that is a good ‘fit’? This could cost thousands of dollars and offer no results. I submit that if famous actors and celebrities making millions of dollars a film, should have to demonstrate their ability before being hired, so should we humble healers!

There are several key factors you should look for when deciding to work with a healer. These guidelines will help ensure that your healer is a good match for you and will help ensure that you don’t get taken advantage of through your fear, desperation, and hope!

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