How Demons/Entities Work to Defeat Us; And How to Defeat Them Instead!

For those of us who have experienced spiritual attacks, it is easy to relate to the feeling that your life is no longer your own. That sense of helplessness and powerlessness is known to us all. To demons and dark entities- our belief is their most powerful tool. They act like mirrors, showing us the negative things we’ve come to believe about our lives. Therefore, their attacks are designed to warp and twist our belief, and use it against us. Once they have us convinced that we are helpless, powerless, and without God’s protection- they have us fully subdued and crippled. It begins with a seemingly-endless collection of negative events that happen- often in a very obvious pattern, designed to make us fully aware that we are experiencing things outside of normal coincidence or probability. Once we are targeted, we experience things that slowly corrupt our belief in our own strength, and in God’s protection. We begin to view our lives as an endless stream of terrible things that we are powerless to stop. They stand out more prominently than the good things. And the insidious thing is that we feed these happenings by our very belief in them! This is their greatest power. Once we’ve begun to believe that we are helpless and powerless, they gain our strength and power. The happenings increase, and confirm this new belief all the more! It becomes a self-destructive system that feeds itself, by drawing power away from us. When we take our belief off of the power of God and, inadvertently, put it on them- we give up our power and protection. And thus, we become the most destructive force in our own lives.

The first step to reclaiming your life is to take back the power of your belief. As hard as it may be, force yourself not to feed all the negative happenings. Don’t credit them. Don’t get caught up in them. View them instead as powerful challenges to help you develop strength of character. See them as teachers that will help you to help others in your life. Turn them into something positive, no matter how bad they seem to you. Recognize that God is in control and that your issues are a product of your own making- not His! Work to hold onto the positive things in your life, no matter how small they may seem. Hold fast to the feeling of gratitude for them, and start making them the new focus of your life!

Of course this isn’t enough to completely combat the bloody buggars, once you’ve been targeted. The next step is where you get experienced help to remove them. Unfortunately the majority of healers can’t permanently remove negative entities from you. Those that approach the task with the goal of removing them from you, are only able to do so temporarily. This is because we all make subconscious ‘contracts’ or agreements, that allow these things to attach to us. Our belief in their power alone is enough to give them carte blanche to work their ill in our lives. Because God has given us Free Will, and we have allowed this situation by our own choices and beliefs, the only thing that can truly remove them from our lives is our willingness to break these agreements and choose to have them gone, before having them erased. No one can take our responsibility and our Free Will away from us. Which is why so many of us have experienced a backlash and reversal after a healer attempted to simply remove an entity for us. This is where a genuine, clairvoyant, Free Will Healer comes in. A clairvoyant healer, who does Free Will healing, makes you an active and responsible part in your healing. They can see your entities and why they are there, but most importantly- how you’ve allowed them. Once you are made aware of this, you can choose to destroy that subconscious ‘contract’ and choose to have them gone from you. Then, when the Free Will healer erases them, they stay truly gone.

Once freed, you can start determining why you were targeted in the first place. In my work as a clairvoyant, Free Will healer, most of my clients experiencing severe, demonic attack, have been targeted because they have a Higher Purpose of helping others. Their attacks are always designed to make them feel helpless, powerless and unimportant. This is to keep them from their personal power and ability to help others. They often think nothing will work for them because of all the things they have tried that have failed. But popular healing methods like reiki and quantum, where someone is attempting to just put energy in, or take energy out- can’t genuinely heal anyone. Because of our Free Will, we can’t go and take away the choices someone else has made in their lives. They have to make the conscious decision to release these themselves. Therefore a clairvoyant is essential in true healing. When you are ready to take back your life and claim responsibility for your own problems, you will find this article and it will resonate with you. You will begin to take back your life and grow in God’s grace. There is hope for you. Don’t give up that belief anymore.

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