How To Weaken Entities

In my work with clients I often see entities attached to their chakras. This is most common in people with potential to step out of their low energy and help others do the same thing. People who are meant to be spiritual leaders, teachers, psychics, and healers are all primary targets for this type of attachment. That is because as long as they can be kept feeling confused, helpless, powerless, and stuck in negativity, they aren’t going to be able to pull themselves up, let alone help others do the same. These people almost always have entities attached in the Brow Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Solar Plexus. I will explain why below.

So how do you know if you have entities in your chakras?

So what can you do to lessen their influence and weaken them? Get out of resistance! Low vibration entities are just like parasites. For instance, parasites will make you crave sugar, alcohol, and starch to feed them and keep them alive. Entities will make you resistant to things that can help you and will keep you stuck in the energy that is feeding them. Your resistance can be about posting on forums and sharing your Truth with others. This keeps you isolated and confined and feeds your entities. You might be resistant to taking back your power from your spouse and start making your own decisions. This keeps you feeling helpless and stuck. If you feel led to a healer but feel extreme resistance, and even find yourself sabotaging working with them, this is resistance that will keep you from getting the help you need.

Forging ahead and fighting through this resistance is the best way to weaken your entities and prepare them to be removed. If you have trouble speaking, sharing, confronting, etc, go the forums and start posting about your experiences. The more you do it, the stronger you will feel. The entities attached to your throat will weaken and will lose their influence over you. If you feel resistant to confronting someone, apologizing for something you’ve done, facing your fears, etc, these are the things you should confront. When people continually fight against their resistance, they become stronger. Pretty soon they have no trouble sharing their thoughts on a forum, standing up for themselves, or working through their issues.

It is at this point that you will find you can have them removed with a qualified clairvoyant practitioner. I work with the Law of Free Will and I always ask if I can remove an entity before doing so. Many times I am told I cannot. Oftentimes I get a yes after a person has had three clearings and has kept relatively clear. Now I’m excited to find that if a person does preparatory work and moves through their resistance, I will more than likely get permission to remove them. This often has dramatic transformational affects on a person’s life.

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