Negative Entities: How to Protect Yourself from Influence and Possession

Most of us have experienced the influence of low-vibration entities, some, without even knowing it. Have you been the victim of influence from unseen beings? The influence of these beings can be identified if you know what you are looking for.

Have you ever experienced this scenario? You had a wonderful day where you felt especially attractive and everything seemed to be going right for you. You may have experienced a feeling of happiness, well-being or even euphoria. But a nagging little voice at the back of your head persistently told you that you looked fat that day, that you looked ridiculous in your outfit and no one cared about you. The nagging voice kept whispering poison that you believed was coming from you, and therefore, had validity. Before you knew what happened, your wonderful day turned into one of the worst days you’ve had and you drug yourself home feeling miserable!

This is a good example of how low-vibration entities turn positive, happy, and loving emotions into ones they can feed off of; hatred, greed, lust, anger, shame. The lower energies feed these beings and drain us of joy.

Have you ever found yourself pushing away the people you most love? Have you ever found yourself hurting the ones that love you the most and you can’t understand why? This is a good example of how these entities influence us to isolate ourselves from sources of love and fall further into pain and misery.

Have you experienced an alcoholic or drug addict who seems constantly driven to using substances and then seemsĀ to become someone else? Entities encourage us to use these substances because they lower our energetic fields while increasing the vibration of the Crown Chakra. This allows them access to our bodies. Once they have an in, we may feel like we are on autopilot while we become violent, abusive or otherwise different from our normal selves. People who have experienced this form of possession may feel as though their minds were asleep, a veil was lowered over their minds or they were otherwise unable to think clearly. They were not thinking about right and wrong and the consequences they would face later. They were not connecting to the fact that the way they were behaving was not in keeping with who they are. They simply act.

How do you know these people were acting under influence and not from a corrupt nature? The answer is simple; because afterward they experience overwhelming feelings of guilt, shame, confusion and bewilderment. A corrupt person wouldn’t regret their actions, they would never question them. But a person who underwent extreme influence would regret their actions and feel remorse, even while feeling powerless to stop it from happening again.

There are things you can do to protect yourself from the influence of entities. First of all, do not use substances that alter your perception. If you are addicted, find a treatment facility in your area and get the help you need! Understand that the impulse to use is being dictated by beings who do not have your best interest at heart. Second, be aware of your thought processes and start noticing the nagging voice that manipulates you into feeling unhappy. The more aware of it you become, the less you will own those thoughts as your own. You can simply laugh them off and take back your power! Third, use psychic and spiritual protection! Pray, use crystals, stay grounded and in Present Time, learn how to clear the energy in your space or find a healer who can assist you in breaking the connection you have with these entities. Above all, realize that you have seniority over beings that cannot manifest a body on the Earth Plane and don’t be afraid. Don’t allow yourself to be intimidated or feel powerless! This is a lie to keep you under influence. Laugh at them, ignore them and realize you are a Divine Being who is in control of your own life!

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