Resistance, Your Key to Transformation

As a clairvoyant and a healer, many people ask me how they can determine for themselves the steps they need to take to start seeing positive changes in their lives. They admit to me that their efforts often seem to fail and even when they work with someone, the benefits never seem long-lived. They want to know why they don’t see the benefits their family or friends do, even though they are doing the same things. My answer to both questions is the same: Resistance. We all have resistance to something. Some people have more resistance. Resistance keeps us from progressing in our lives. It keeps us from attempting new things. Quite often, it keeps us from our highest good. When we allow resistance to dictate the things we avoid, we are choosing to live our life in fear. We are essentially closing down the door to many opportunities for learning and advancing in our lives. For instance, many people share a strong resistance to share their thoughts and beliefs with other people. They won’t confront others and avoid conflict at all costs. The people who allow their actions to be governed by this fear often miss many opportunities to improve relationships, advance in careers, and move out of fearful, self-defeating energy. By taking the time, and making the effort to step out of this fear-governed behavior, they open the door to many new opportunities and enjoy a new-found strength.

In my work with hundreds of clients worldwide, I often find resistance as being the common denominator blocking them from achieving the results they desire. Most of them are completely unaware of their resistance, but it rears its ugly head nonetheless. Resistance often has people refusing to understand what you tell them, refusing to see the truth in it or areas they need to address in themselves. They might resist discussing this with you, opting instead to waste the session and never be heard from again. Does this sound like you? You might have resistance you aren’t even aware of. For some people it can be talking to new people, facing health issues, remembering the past, apologizing for old wrongs, etc. When we refuse to face these things and move past them, we are closing doors and creating energetic blocks that muddy up our lives and prevent us from moving forward.

Recognizing your resistance is the first step to embarking on a journey that will open doors for you. But what are the signs that you are experiencing resistance and are sabotaging your own progress? Do you:

Once you identify your resistance, the rest is easy- simply work through your resistance until you are able to move past it. Start out slow; there is nothing wrong with taking baby step! As long as you keep moving forward you are accomplishing something, even if you do have to take it slow. If you are afraid to speak to others, join a forum and anonymously share your thoughts with others. If you are afraid to meet new people, an anonymous forum or support group is a great first step too. Another great way to help you move past resistance and blocks in your life is by working with a healing practitioner. Working with a qualified clairvoyant energetic practitioner can help you release all the traumas, events, and energy you are holding onto that is blocking you. Once this energy is cleared people often feel extraordinary relief. They often feel light, clear, serene, and freed from the past. If you feel drawn to work with a practitioner, just make sure you go where you feel led and work from there!

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