Resistance ~ The Block to Healing

Have you gone to many healers but no one has been able to help you? Do psychics have trouble reading you? Is it hard for you to believe that anything will ever get better in your life? I have good news for you! There could be a very simple reason for why your efforts have failed in the past! You likely have some resistance to getting well. I know that sounds unbelievable to those of us who have suffered through a lifetime of abuse, trauma, depression, and poor health. But what I’m about to share with you could change your life, so please approach it with an open mind! When we experience a certain condition for an extended period of time, we learn to live with it. Our brains seem to become wired to work around it, and we find ways to function. When we have experienced something for a long time, it becomes part of us, and on some level, there is resistance to letting it go. You have probably experienced this if you often find yourself in abusive relationships. You become so used to the way you are treated that it becomes ‘normal’ for you. You may even find yourself pushing away the good ones because they just don’t “feel right” to you.

It can be terrifying to make a change that we know would lead to a better life. To complicate the matter further, we often run subconscious ‘programs’ that we aren’t even aware of. We might judge ourselves to be unworthy, as our parents affirmed for us. We might have been taught that the only time we deserved attention was when we were sick. We pick up many ideas and beliefs about life that seem to color our experiences for the rest of our lives. Most of us aren’t even aware of these problematic beliefs. For those who are, there seems to be few options except years in counseling. Fortunately, working with a clairvoyant energetic practitioner can help you pinpoint your issues and release them in much less time!

So how do you know if you are experiencing resistance? Do you:

These are all clear signs of resistance. Working with a qualified clairvoyant energetic practitioner who is aware of the signs of resistance can help you release the resistance that is blocking you from healing. Instead of spending years in counseling trying to determine the cause of certain beliefs and talking through your issues, you can have these things identified for you. You can be told what memories, traumas, and emotions you are still holding onto and work with your practitioner to have them released and cleared instantly. A skilled practitioner can help you remove the energy of other people’s influence. You can even clear the patterns and subconscious tapes that run for you all the time, once you have them identified and can connect to their origin. These are all things that can happen instantaneously when you work with someone who can tap into this energy and help you release it. There is hope once recognize resistance and allow ourselves to release it. Resistance really is futile.

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