The Problem Mentality Syndrome

Do you have problems that never seem to go away? Are you often concerned about your health? Do your relationships always seem to fail? If so, you might have “Problem Mentality Syndrome”! People with “Problem Mentalities” are often stuck in the misery of their lives. It is very hard for them to see the positive side of the things that trouble them. They often have an unshakable belief that their problems wont get better, their relationships will fail, and nothing will ever be good for them. They are usually carrying a lot of unresolved guilt, and the tendency to avoid facing this guilt, often causes a subconscious certainty that they don’t deserve to be well and happy. Many of these people have retained ideals and beliefs from their parents about financial lack, the negative qualities of men and women, and even health issues. People with ‘PMS’ are often running these subconscious ‘tapes’ in their heads and never think to question these beliefs. Further, people with ‘PMS’ are almost certainly carrying around the energy of past hurts, traumas, and events that they have failed to release from their lives. This energy blocks their chakras and keeps them from creating a better life. In fact, it works to keep creating the issues that are stored there, creating the patterns that lead to the problematic beliefs!

So how do you know if you have “Problem Mentality Syndrome”? Do you:

If you answered ‘yes’ to three or more of the above, there is a good chance you have ‘PMS’. The good news is there are things you can do to step out of this pattern! Working with a counselor or therapist can be helpful. You can also work on releasing the energy you are holding onto and the tendencies you have. Focusing on the positives of your life and refusing to become focused on the negatives can begin the healing process. Challenging your beliefs and prejudices can also help. If you can address your faults and work to correct them, you have the essential quality necessary to move past this issue. Working with a qualified clairvoyant energetic practitioner can quickly help you move past these issues if you are willing to step out of this energy.

When I work with people who have symptoms of ‘PMS’ the first thing we do is go through their chakras, body energy, and aura and clear out all the old energetic ‘gunk’ they’ve been holding onto. This will often have a very dramatic effect and people report feeling lighter, clearer, happier, and more positive than they have in years. Next, we update the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are the storehouse of everything we have done, and who we’ve been, throughout all our lives. Updating the information we are operating on, allows us to step out of old patterns that no longer serve to teach us. It allows us to be done with them and prepares us to step into new energy! We also remove the “Perfect Pictures” and influence adopted from other people that contribute to our problematic beliefs. This is usually felt as a sense of relief! Finally, we address removing any low-vibration entities that might be attached to the person and influencing their views of themselves and the world, thus helping the individual regain control over their own lives.

These techniques often produce a profound change in a person’s quality of life. Once cleared the person is able to manifest a better life without obstruction. Once other people’s influence is removed the person is often empowered to question their beliefs and assumptions about the world and their life. I have seen many people with what I have named, “The Problem Mentality Syndrome”, step out of that energy and into a positive consciousness that allows them to manifest, and enjoy, a better life. There is hope if you are suffering from PMS yourself and are ready to be done with it!

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