Tips for Improving Your Healing Results

What makes one person’s healing session so amazing, while another
person seems to get little results with the same healer? How is it
that some people can claim to experience miracles in their lives,
while other people seem to be stuck with their problems? The answer is
the client’s approach to the session, and in their willingness to look
at their problems honestly. Even though it can be very uncomfortable,
when we are willing to hear how our thoughts, behaviors, and attitudes
are shaping our lives, and are willing to step into better energy, we
become empowered to make the changes necessary to move forward on our
journey. When people approach a healing session in an open, honest,
excited manner, ready to face these issues, they are more likely to
receive  information that will empower them to release their issues
and move forward. People who are not ready to face their issues and
change their behavior will often sabotage a session. They will feel
like they are being attacked, instead of being open to receive the
information they need to hear. They will often decide that the fault
is with the practitioner and point the blame at them, instead of
focusing on their progress and moving through their issues. This
closes down the door to healing.

The attitude you approach a healing with is just as important as the
attitude you leave a healing with. Just as willingness to face your
issues is integral to your success during a healing, gratitude and
appreciation are integral in maintaining your benefits and continuing
to increase them after a healing session. Gratitude and appreciation
are amazing energies that tell the Universe that you have had a
wonderful healing. You are acknowledging to Source and to the world
that you are healed. This works with the Law of Attraction to continue
bringing about the healing benefits. If you can hold appreciation and
gratitude for God/Source/Universe for bringing you to the healer, for
the healer for the help they have given, and for yourself for your
willingness to face uncomfortable things and move through them, you
will continue the healing far after the session! If you take it a step
further and write reviews about your experience and share it with as
many people as you can, you are passing your blessing along, as well
affirming, yet again, that you have had an amazing healing. My clients
who write reviews tend to be dwelling in the aforementioned energy and
often have the most impressive results.

There are other things you can do to increase your results. Here are
the 5 easy tips to help you receive the maximum benefit from any
healing you receive:

1. Hold the energy of appreciation and gratitude as much as possible.
Share your blessing with others by writing reviews and telling your
family and friends what you have received. Keep affirming that you
have had a healing and allow the healing to keep growing!

2. Keep a record of the amazing benefits you receive. My clients who
write reviews after a session always hold onto their benefits longer
and experience ever-increasing results. This is because they have told
the world, (and the Universe) that they have received a healing. It
cements this into our reality. They can also refer back to what they
have written to remind themselves that things have gotten better, and
they have seen improvement, if they start feeling down about something
later on.

3. Stay committed to a reasonable amount of sessions. It’s important in
my work that people have all three layers cleared. The clients who
stay committed to all three stay clear and retain their benefits. But
the ones that only have one or two rarely do. Find a healing modality
that doesn’t require many sessions and stay committed to the few you
should have!

4. Be Willing to step into new energy and allow your Beliefs about your
issues to Shift into new energy. Understand you don’t have all the
answers and you don’t really know everything there is to know about
your problems. The more humility you can show, and the more open to
hearing what the healer says, the more you will be willing to release
your problematic thinking and allow the issues you’ve created to

5. Make sure you are willing to release your identification with your
issues. Some times we’ve carried our problems for so long, they begin
to define us. Some people are unwilling to be freed from the drama and
attention they are receiving in their life. Make sure you are before
you waste your money!

These 5 easy tips can help insure you have the best possible results
from your healing sessions, and your life in general. While we can’t
always hold to this energy, we can do our best to keep focused on
positive energy and keep things moving in the right direction!

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