Who Is Haunting Your House?

Are you experiencing strange phenomena like opening doors, cold spots and knocks at night? Does your room have an oppressive atmosphere and do you sense an “evil” presence at times? You are not alone! Many people have shared these experiences with you and have had these problems go away after working with a trained practioner. You can determine yourself if your imagination is running wild, or if you have a genuine spiritual phenomenon at work.

The most important question to be answered is, “Is your house haunted?” If you are experiencing the above phenomena, the answer is likely, “yes”. But what can you do about it? What exactly is haunting your house? This isn’t an easy question to answer for yourself. A trained, clairvoyant practioner is the best person to answer this question definitively, but you can narrow down the possibilities yourself.

In my work I communicate with the Other Side on a daily basis. Most of the people I’ve encountered are at peace. There is rarely a feeling of hostility, anger, lust, or regret. Many times the Spirits of people who have crossed do linger in a place they were familiar with. If you have a human entity who has Crossed Over in your house, you will likely experience air movement, odd odors, things moving by themselves, and may even see an image of the person who is there. Most people who experience human entities feel a bit unnerved by what they experience, but they don’t feel a sense of foreboding or “evil”. It is relatively easy to get these beings to move on, as it is never their intention to harm or terrify anyone.

On the other hand, people who are experiencing their children screaming or crying in the night, strange knocks that only happen when they are in the room, but disappear when they bring someone else in, being afraid for no reason, feeling a malignant presence and even being attacked or harmed in their home, are likely experiencing low-vibration entities. These beings have an agenda to keep people in fear and will try to convince you that you are alone and helpless against their attacks. This is not true! These beings must obey the Law of Free Will, and, as such, can be made to leave.

While it is always best to work with a trained practioner, there are some things you can do. When the phenomena occurs, visualize a bubble around your house and out loud say, “I command all entities to get out of this space and wait outside the bubble.” Because we were able to manifest a body in the physical plane, we have seniority over entities. We are given the ability to command them out of our space and believing this is the first step to reclaiming your life.

When you employ this technique and the knocking, tapping, scratching stops suddenly, its a good bet you are dealing with a spiritual phenomenon, and I recommend finding someone you feel guided to work with to move these beings out of your space!

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