Why Reiki Doesn’t Work

Reiki is a misguided fad in the realm of healing that is not yet a complete healing system. Nor does it have any real understanding of how the energy system works. It is a form of generic healing that believes that by pushing energy into someone, it’s going to magically heal them of their issues. Unfortunately it doesn’t address particular issues by using clairvoyant ability, to see what people are really holding in their energy field that is creating their problems. This means that they wont be empowered to release these particular issues and choose to step into higher energy. Reiki just attempts to push energy into people, in the hopes that this will somehow magically ‘displace’ or ‘remove’ their illness. It simply can’t help people let go of the emotion and energy that is behind their physical issues. By not working under the Law of Free Will, connecting people to what they are carrying or creating, so that they can choose to release it themselves, the person isn’t going to be truly freed of their issue. Like a band-aid, generic healing just covers up the lessons they need to learn and prevents them from moving past them. Generic healing isn’t effective because the person will keep doing, feeling, and holding onto the same stuff that is causing the problem, oblivious this fact. It is something like prescribing drugs to cover a symptom that is caused by the person’s bad eating habits. If you tell them what to stop eating, they are empowered to make the changes that will allow them to heal. However, if you cover up the symptom so they don’t have to be aware of it, they will keep right on doing something that could lead to potential health problems down the line. What’s more, it is impossible to fill a person up with energy unless space has already been made by clearing their energetic blocks. You can understand the human energy field like a glass filled with water. If you don’t clear the ‘murky’ water out of the glass before trying to put clear water in, you are just going to be pouring water into an already full glass. Where can that water go? Where is reiki energy supposed to go when there is no space made in the energy field to receive it?

That is why in a complete healing system, a clairvoyant will assist the client in identifying, and releasing the personal issues they are holding first, so that there is space to receive high-vibrating, healing energy.Illness is manifested as a result of energy we are carrying around in our chakras and energy field. This can be the long-held belief that no one will ever love them, that they are ugly, the focus they maintain on their illnesses and flaws, or even an old hurt that was never forgiven and released. When people block the flow of energy in their chakras, they manifest illness. Much as stagnant water in a blocked pond grows scum, chakras need to remain clear; and energy flowing, in order for people to maintain optimum health. Once their chakras become blocked, so too does their energy. When energetic stagnation is present long enough, illness is created. Therefore it’s important to connect people to their blocks so they can choose to release them consciously, then assist them in clearing their blocks, so they can receive healing energy.

If you are a healer that has already gotten started with reiki, don’t despair. Reiki is a valuable tool when combined with a clairvoyant approach to healing. You can learn all the tools you need to develop and connect to your natural psychic abilities, and use them to help people heal. It’s so much easier than you might think! Please take a look at my Online Distance Learning classes and see if you feel guided to develop your healing abilities further. In a very short time you can be truly helping people to heal in a way you’ve never experienced before. You will see a remarkable difference when you embrace a more complete approach to healing!

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