Why Reiki Isn’t Healing Your Life

As a practitioner of a complete healing system, it saddens me to see so many people who have nearly given up on energetic healing, because their only experience has been reiki, and it hasn’t worked for them. Even though they’ve been very dedicated and received pricey sessions on a weekly basis, (some of them for years!), they have not seen any real change in their lives. For many of my clients, they interpret this failure as some fault of their own. They were told that they weren’t doing enough, or didn’t believe in it enough. Some even think they are cursed and nothing will be able to help them! Nothing could be further from the truth! Reiki, and other generic forms of healing, while valuable tools when used correctly, are not complete healing systems by themselves, and can’t free you of the cause of your issues, which is all the emotions, harmful beliefs, traumas, and other congested energy blocking the healthy flow of energy, and manifesting illness in your life.

To understand this you have to understand how the human energy system works. The aura surrounds our energy system and acts like a container, or shield. The chakras generate the aura, and the energy field. This is a sealed and complete unit, much like a full glass of water. Reiki, and other generic healing, tries to force energy into a person, rather like pouring more water into an already full glass. How can that possibly benefit anyone? It might feel warm, like adding hot water to a cooling bath, but it’s not going to affect a real change in the energy system. In order for a person to be able to receive healing energy, they must first release the blocked, congested, unhealthy energy; making space to receive healing energy.

This is the primary essential step in healing that generic healing practices, like reiki, omit. When your focus is to simply cover up someone’s symptoms by overfilling the person with unnecessary energy, they are not going to be empowered to change what they are doing and be freed from their issues. They are going to keep blindly creating their issues, without ever understanding the cause! Pushing energy into a person, without first releasing the energetic blocks, is like prescribing a drug to cover a symptom that is caused by something a patient is eating. Instead of informing the patient of the problem food, so they can eliminate it from their life, generic healing just covers the noticeable signs of the problem, often resulting in further problems down the line. Reiki may temporarily ‘displace’ the energy that was troubling you, but it will manifest in other ways. It is still in your energy field.

In a complete healing system, a clairvoyant practitioner first scans the chakras and tells the client what they are holding that is blocking them, so that the client can choose to be done with it. Then the healer assists them in releasing the energy and takes it out of their energy field.

Once the client has these emotions, traumas, and beliefs cleared they will feel lighter, happier, more relieved, and more ‘positive’. Other people often notice the difference in them right away. It feels like being a younger, lighter, happier you. The difference from just having energy pushed into you is noticeable and extreme for many. Once space is created, it can then be filled with high-vibrating, healing energy, and that is where reiki belongs in a true healing system.

When you work with a gifted clairvoyant healer who can help you clear the energy causing you problems, you will be able to make better choices that will help you manifest good things, instead of illness. This puts you in control of your own life and makes you responsible for what you’ve created. There is no magic pill, healing, or wand-waving magic spell that is going to heal you and allow you to keep doing what you have been doing. Only you can heal you, and with the guidance of a clairvoyant healer who gives you the responsibility of healing these issues, it can happen fast! My clients are often shocked at how many blocks, traumas, and other energy I am able to identify in their chakras after years of generic healing. They are amazed at the relief and lightness they feel after only one session of removing this blocked and congested energy. They are even more amazed that I only recommend about 3 sessions, unlike the several dozen that many have been advised to get with generic healing methods.

If you have been disappointed by your results from reiki, find a clairvoyant practitioner who employs a complete healing system to work with. Find someone with a money back guarantee to make sure they are genuinely gifted clairvoyants, and look for someone with many testimonials about the amazing changes people have experienced with their sessions.

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