Why You Can’t Clear Your Own Chakras

People who have researched energetic healing and understand how powerful and important the chakras are usually look for ways to begin clearing them. Unfortunately, many people are misled into believing that they can clear their own chakras with meditation, crystals, colors, reiki, or other self-help methods. Unfortunately this never works. It is impossible to clear any energy without being aware of what it is first and having some way of having it taken out of you by someone else. You need to work with a clairvoyant energetic healer who can see what emotions, memories, false beliefs, and old traumas you have stored in your chakras and energy field. Once you are informed of the exact events or emotions that are blocking you, and can confirm the truth of it, you can be empowered to release it to a healer who can take it out of your field and then fill you back up with high-vibrating, pure energy. Working with a true clairvoyant will not only allow you to confirm exactly what is in your chakras and then release it, but it will allow you to have low-vibration or ‘negative’ entities removed from your chakras that no other modality can address. Much of a person’s distress and unhappiness comes from the influence of these malicious parasitical beings. When they are removed, the difference is obvious and astonishing and even non-believers and skeptics go away convinced!

Other methods like meditation don’t work to clear your chakras or remove entities. In fact they can be dangerous if you have been inaccurately guided to open your chakras, or are suffering under entity influence, as this opens your mind up to it even more. Your chakras are like a water faucet. When you force your chakras open, it’s like turning on the hot water tap all the way. In a few minutes, you have drained all the hot water from the tank and it wont be able to replenish itself so the water runs cold. And worse, having a chakra forced open will unbalance it. Many cases of anxiety are found when a chakra is too open. Co-dependent behavior can be seen when the Heart Chakra is too open. Your chakras, like your pupils, react to situations and know exactly how open they should be given the circumstance. Anyone that tells you to force your chakras open as far as they will go is completely uninformed and cannot ‘See’ how that advice is affecting your energetic being the way a true clairvoyant can.

Working with someone who ‘heals’ the chakras with crystals can be equally dangerous. Most people who work with crystals don’t have an understanding of how healing works. They think that the stones will produce magical results. They don’t need to have any clairvoyant ability to do this, and often have no idea what they are doing. They don’t know if the crystals they are using are having a positive affect. They don’t know where they should be placed, and they can’t see how jumbling different stones with different energies together affects your energy field. They also can’t see how harmful it is to place crystals on the chakras! I’ve actually had clients come to me with ‘burns’ on their chakras from ill-informed ‘healers’ who have used a crystal laser wand directly on the chakra! This creates an energetic film, much like a scar that has to be cleared away several times before the chakra is able to function adequately again. Many of my clients have told me that after having experiences with crystal ‘healers’ they encountered severe issues in their bodies and in their lives.

Reiki and other types of energy work, where people attempt to clear your chakras or force energy into you, don’t work at all, even if they call themselves a ‘Master’. You are the creator of the energy blocking your chakras and your life. No one can go in and clear something another person has created. You are the only one who can do this for yourself. That is because we exist on a plane of Free Will where our own choices determine our experiences. It’s a world of karma and we are responsible for what we create. Therefore we all must be the ones to choose to release our own energy. When someone uses reiki and just pushes energy into someone, all they are doing is ‘dislodging’ the congestion and blocks. It may seem to temporarily make a difference, but it usually wears off fast and can cause further problems as the energy manifests in new ways. This often means that people who get drawn into going to a reiki practitioner have to keep going back on a regular basis to keep seeing results. This makes you cash flow for the practitioner, but does very little good for you. Reiki can’t clear your energy, and it can’t heal your chakras. The only time reiki can be used effectively is after your energy has been released (by you) to fill up what has been cleared.

A lot of people are very impressed with tonal healing- a practice that involves sound frequency such as singing bowls or CDs. They tell me they can feel something happening in their chakras and believe that it’s working. Unfortunately, what they do not know is that what they are feeling is only the energetic resonance of the chakra with the tone, which allows the chakra to vibrate in reaction to the tone it resonates with. This can be felt physically, but it does not mean that energy is being cleared or the chakra is being healed or altered. These clients go away impressed with the ‘healing’ they’ve received because they could feel something happening, and then are shocked when we clear 90 minutes worth of old events, traumas, emotions, and negative entities in their chakras afterward.

After having a clearing with a clairvoyant energetic chakra healer that works with Free Will, most people cannot believe how great they feel and how obvious a difference their results were from other methods. They go away feeling quite light, refreshed, happy, and relieved, and some even feel young again! They begin to see shifts in their thinking and emotions, and even the way people respond to them. Some times they are able to see issues in their life improve as they are able to manifest better. You can find a genuine clairvoyant energetic chakra healer and experience the difference a true clearing can make. You will be surprised at how different you feel even after years of reiki, meditation, color and crystal healing, and various other techniques. You will also be shocked at the amount of stuff a clairvoyant will still find in your chakras that you can confirm and know to be there! Experience the difference yourself and see what a difference a complete healing system can make in your life today!

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