Below is the first page of 362 Amazing Testimonials I’ve received from people I’ve given services to. They wanted to share their experiences to encourage you to give yourself the same opportunity to experience a transformation like they have had!  The rest of the testimonials can be seen at Testimonials II. You can check out my Merchant Circle account to see the testimonials and ratings that people have submitted there ~ MerchantCircle.

Traditional Medicine Isn’t The Only Way To Heal
I am a practicing OB/GYN and have been in private practice for 9 years. I have had 3 readings with Erin in the past few months and I highly recommend her services to everyone – since we all are carrying some baggage we could use some help understanding or unloading. After my first Chakra clearing I was completely amazed. I felt as if a 1,000 pounds had been lift from me and there was not anything I couldn’t accomplish. I have been struggling with personal relationship issues and obviously they were affecting me in the office. The day after the clearing I was talking with one of my nurses saying how good I was feeling after the clearing the day before and she said, ” Ya lot of us in the office have noticed that today, we are glad you are feeling better: Thanks for your help Erin” ~Suzanne Rice MD Boise, ID ~~~
Insightful Chakra Reading
“As a chiropractor, I have an interest in natural healing methods. I work with patients everyday and their spiritual and energy issues are intimately connected to their physical problems. Recently, I attended a Goddess Festival in Boise, Idaho. I was with my mother and a friend and we walked past Erin’s tent at least two times. I just kept feeling like I needed to stop there. That’s when I met Erin, who was there that day to give chakra readings. I have never had a chakra reading before. It was not what I expected. I guess I was expecting someone to just name my chakras or just tell me some were blocked. Erin, however, is extremely intuitive and was not just remarking on blockages but able to tell me what was blocking them. She seemed to know a lot about me. I found her reading very helpful and insightful. I can’t wait to schedule a session so Erin can unblock and energize my chakras. I know that it will be calming. balancing and I will be better connected to source.” ~Dr. Martha Jenkins DC. Boise, ID~~~
You Have To Do This!!!
“I am a chiropractor and am used to people coming to me for help and advice. I just completed my first session of chakra clearing with Erin. As she began “seeing” and “clearing” my chakras I could actually feel the difference in my body. It was lighter, the lump in my throat disappeared, the tightness in my head, shoulders and neck improved, and the dulll headache I had when we started disappeared too. I feel so much better after this session. Erin told me things about my past that no one else would know – but she did – and she knew that these feelings and emotions were blocking my chakras and my energy. As she began clearing the chakras, removing blockages and entities that didn’t belong I started feeling different, feeling better, feeling more clear. This session has really brought home the knowledge that these blockages affect many aspects of your life. I would strongly encourage anyone reading this to contact her and schedule your session. Just do it – you won’t regret it.” ~Dr. Martha Jenkins DC. Boise, ID~~~
I was SO excited about my reading at Erin because of all the positive testimonials and having read a lot of topics at her forum of her website (http://www.completelifehealing.com/testimonials.htm) Erin started out right away and told me to ground myself to the earth (connecting oneself to the earth) and open up to her, so she could read me and open up my, solar plexus 10% I think =) Then she started to read my crown chakra were she was so spot on with everything and it went on with the spot on through all of the 7 chakras! I was really amazed at how precise she could be in a reading from across the world from USA to Europe. You should do yourself a favor and get the free reading, you will be amazed at how well she can pick out the root of your problems instead of using hundreds of dollars on conventional therapy, when this cuts right in to the bone, the accuracy was almost frightening, but Erin was very sweet and professional and I felt safe in her hands. Denmark (Europe) ~Jaacob Aagaard Denmark, Europe~~~
Chakra Reading With Erin
“I was not disappointed by my reading with Erin! It can be difficult to find a genuine medium/psychic, so it’s great to come across someone who gives free trial reading. The fact that Erin can afford to do so means people must be impressed after the initial reading and want to go back to her for more readings/clearings. I definitely would! Erin went through each of my chakras, describing their states. I had quite many imbalances, but I already knew this. I try to do energy work on myself from time to time so I am quite sensitive to feeling the energies in my body. To have Erin confirm the blockages that I already felt – over the phone, never having met me – was very interesting. She also described my relationship with my parents and my life situation, among other things. She told me my heart chakra was too open, and gave me a quick exercise to close it. I have tried this exercise since then and it does have a good effect! All in all, I’m impressed, and happy to recommend Erin!” ~Karin London, England UK~~~
Life Threatening Problem Corrected
“to go into detail more I had a condition known as meckels diverticulitis ( western med diagnosis ), but in reality I believe physical surgery would have only exacerbated the problem, ( diverticulitis of any kind can return after surgery ) erin found a particularly negative entity in my stomach and removed it, and the pain was gone immediately. During session she also closed/opened my chakras to specific levels due to paranormal/ entity issues which had been distorting my thoughts . I am extremely grateful for everything she did, and I had no idea what a powerful experience it was going to be, much more than your basic reading, although that was also included, the price was also very reasonable for anyone , and I cant think of any other psychic who has any kind of money back guarantee . I am also going to look into her Clairvoyant workshops as well” ~T.J. Bush Colbert, WA
I’m on my way to – Complete healing for life!
Hi there Erin, thanks so much for the chakra and aura clearing last night – it was amazing! So much ‘stuff’ anger, grief, regret was recognised, identified. Long held memories, forgotten past – all just lifted right of the box! (chakras to be exact). The benefits were felt immediately, with the first 2 charkras I could feel the layers lifting and by the throat chakra I could SEE clearly a coiled snake, stuck fast, with its head lifted high just dissipate and GONE! My neck area felt doubled in diameter and as if every breath I was taking was like a gust that flowed freely. By the solar chakra, I could see clearly many floating and flying ‘critters’. One in particular was a strong, fat, eel like entity which was ousted and sent on its way! Truly amazing stuff! I feel I have my voice back, determined energy and a focus. I know I have work to do still, but I know where to come for support and assitance. I look forward to the next stage/s of my healing. Love and Light Erin. Sheila U.K.” ~Sheila London, England UK~~~
Chakra Reading
“Dear Erin, Thank you for the chakra reading, it was a great experience I really appreciate the effort you took to actually clear my doubts. You are sincere & patient & that is what I like 🙂 After the clearing I felt energetic & calm. Once again I really loved the great effort of you emailing me spontaneously. Looking forward for more experiences.” ~Deepak, Singapore~~~
Does It Work? I’m Thinkin So!
“First I have to thank Erin for the long session. I never anticipated the session being that draining on me. We went through all the chakra’s, and with each level helped flush through congested energy. Now, the really cool thing about this whole experience was that I could actually feel certain things fading away. It felt as if layers of all this “crap” were being taken away. She was very accurate on her readings, there were specific areas that came through very very well, especially with most of all these happenings being recent. Didnt know what to expect with all of this, but what I got out of it was a new perspective on myself. One thing that was pretty incredible, was her pin pointing a key area of where I’ve been having some pain that was unexplainable. I was told there was a physic cord there and after she had cut it, within minutes the pain had vanished. And it’s remained that way. Take advantage of her free 20 minute reading. You’ll be surprised. Thanks Erin” ~Andrew Canada~~~
Impressed And Grateful
“I can’t thank Erin enough for the reading she did. She went deep into my past, my present and my feelings. She was spot-on about things that were very personal and painful (and to be honest, I didn’t want to acknowledge some of them although I knew they were true) and explained very clearly why they happened and what effect they had on me. I can say it was an epiphany… She also helped me get rid of blocks and negative energies with her healing abilities and I now feel lighter and peaceful. The reading lasted 1 hour and half but time flew by! I can’t wait to have the next one. I highly recommend her as a psychic and a healer. Having a reading with Erin is a positive, enlightening and transformative experience.” ~CM Paris, France~~~
Life Changing!
“I am a Dentist with a Master’s Degree in Education. In 20 years of researching better ways to help my patients I never heard of chakras, entities, auras or energetic healing. What I discovered with Erin in 1 session is truly amazing! I was raised in a religious home which made me skeptical/reserved on my 1st call with Erin which she quickly sensed and addressed. She then got right to work and before I knew it was telling me things that only a gifted healer could possibly know about my life, family, issues, and heart. I believed in and trusted Erin within minutes. The accuracy of her words was astonishing. Erin’s chakra clearings left me feeling relaxed and free. At one point, she removed an entity which immediately relieved my shoulder and back pain. I was amazed and signed up for more sessions. I initially felt foolish sending money to someone I didn’t know for something I knew little about. I felt drawn to trust Erin and I am 100% grateful I did. Erin, thank you for changing my life!” ~Anonymous
Reading with Erin Pt 2
“It’s been 48 hours since I had a reading with Erin which has given me time for reflection. Erin’s reading was an incredibly accurate description of my current mental state, including details that no-one else could possibly know. Although I’m not skeptic to spiritual readings, and open myself energetically to the person, I don’t tend to give details away with words and prefer to see what the person providing the reading can see/will say. Erin was reeling off correct situation/personality traits one after another. Even if you took a skeptic mind and said by the law of averages she would get some right, the hit rate was far too high, especially in such a short space of time, to be simple guesswork, not to mention energetically in me, she was clearly hitting the spot. This is ignoring the fact I was in Australia while she was in America doing the reading over the phone. Thank you for your time Erin, I hope other people enjoy your readings and find them as insightful and accurate as I did.” ~Terry Smith Sydney, Australia
**!!My Stars!!**
“Oh my… folks, Erin is the real deal! Had a reading with Erin the most wonderful and helpful person I’ve ever encountered. First off, she was able to identify core issues that have been playing total havok on my life for decades. SHE CLEARED DECADES LOAD OF ISSUES! She was brutally honest with the dignoses of the issues (Looks like I’m an entity hoarder) and was able to clear them to such a high degree that the next day I woke up a different person. For once in my life I feel like I matter. I’ve never been able to find the right words to say when speaking to anyone. Erin cleared out the offending entities (In my throat) and in a sense… Erin restored my ablity to speak.. my self doubt chains were finally broken. The piece of mind, the clarity, the ability to freely think without the negative chatter (this is a big one folks) is an invaluble gift that has no measure. I implore you to try her services. Erin will change your life! Rob P-” ~Rob P. Los Angeles, CA
Day 1
“Erin was able to tune into everything that was ailing me and holding me back, and had been for my entire life. I felt the release of dark energies more than I had with any other healing before and the difference I feel after only one session is astronomical. I had been told before of my strong psychic abilities and future as a healer but I was saturated with dark energies and entities which almost completely stifled me. The clearing/removal of dark entities made me feel lighter, both physically and energetically. During the clearing of one of these entities I experienced an intense awakening of my brow chakra and felt it projecting outward and filling my bedroom with indigo energy. This was my first psychic experience of anywhere near that intensity and after only my first session I feel like my life has begun its ascent into its true meaning.” ~Trae Roslindale, MA
Amazing Experience
I came to Erin slightly skeptical, but with a willingness to try. After my second clearing session, I was totally amazed. She dug into deep seated issues that have been plaguing me for years and explained them to me in perfect clarity, and then cleared them. The next morning I felt a great relief in my gut where I usually hold tension, and over the next few weeks I experienced shifts in the exact areas in my life that we focused on during the session. Erin is a blessing and I am grateful for having met her!
“…Afterward I felt like I had gained closure, in-sight and clarity”
“First off I want to say that Erin is absolutely amazing!
While meeting with Erin I was able to communicate with some of my deceased family members. She was able to tell me what they passed away from and how accurately. I was able to ask questions and get answers,find out how they were doing right then and there….She even picked up on things that I had forgotten about, things that no one would know about but my deceased family members. Afterward I felt like I had gained closure, in-sight and clarity on many levels and felt as though a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Erin has a special gift and she is truly amazing!” ~Ali Boise ID
Chakra Reading
“I must say, I was quite intrigued with Erin’s reading. A lot of what she told me was right on, such as my relationship with my parents. I am still dumbstruck about her description about my dad. Spot ON! However, the one thing she read that blew my mind was about my youngest son. She could see that my son was very psychic and this was what was causing alot of his behavioral issues. It was relieving to me as well, because in the day and age of people telling you that your kids needs medications, deep in my heart I knew this wasn’t true. I didn’t feel that he was ADHD, or bi-polar, even thought he would display certain characteristics. Also she was on with almost all of my other issues in my life. Very interesting!! Thanks Erin!! We will be talking again soon!” ~Jody Reynolds Oconto, WI
The Greatest Thing That Happen To Me Is U Being In My Life..
“Dear Erin, I had never come across someone as Accurate as U ! It’s really a magical experience… It’s not shocking as i have read that there are people who can scan through you & say things about you… But nothing can beat being accurate as you were over the phone conversaton i had with you… I was very happy that finally i can depend on someone like you! I have always been independant and solutions was always solved by me by being positive throughout n being very strong….. But I thank my Uncle he found u …. U r just Amazing !! Looking forward for your 90 min clearing sessions… U are truely Blessed ! 🙂 Yes not only Singapore you deserve other Asian Countries As Well :)” ~Sonia, Singapore
A Rare Find
“It is not often you cross paths with such a gifted and honest individual. You, dear reader, were clearly brought here for a reason. Your money and time would be well spent with Erin. Before I contacted her, daily life was quite different for me. There were no silent quiet moments of peace. Everything was truly an uphill battle. She was able to see, locate and remove that which others could not. After the clearing…the weight of the world had been removed. The constant nagging double talk has ceased. My sinuses have cleared. I’m in a far better state of mind. More consistent, steady. Again, dear reader, you’ve come here for a reason. Allow Erin to help clear away the blockages and see for yourself. Erin, thank you for your time, effort and insights. I am so very happy that I found you! Many thanks and bright blessings to you Erin!” ~Renee Los Angeles, CA
So Awesome
“I had a session with Erin, only one so far. So amazing. I ordered the biggest session because I knew I had a lot of clearing that was so very needed. One thing Erin and I discussed before I had the session done was entity influence. We were able to clear one out and HOLY CRAP what a difference it has made already. I feel so much clearer in my brow chakra and am so ready for the next session to clear out the others. Before the session, I was so stuffed full of crap that I couldn’t tell which way was up or down, but now I can really feel what is going on in my body. I had some negative energy coming up yesterday and I was so used to pushing it out of my brow chakra, but when I did, it all the sudden dawned on me that there wasn’t anything there, I was so happy to be able to feel exactly where it was coming from for the first time in a very long time. And it was amazing how free I felt in the brow chakra. Erin, you are so very accurate when reading what is insde of me.” ~Hannah Mulvey Belton, MO
“Erin’s reading was amazingly accurate and I was incredibly impressed with her gifts as a psychic! Right from the start she picked up on the health issues of my mother, even pin pointing that the problem was centered around her breathing! She then moved down to my brow chakra identifying that I have been feeling disconected from life and have been living in a constant state of confusion with a feeling that my mother is the only person I feel I can trust at the moment. As she moved to reading my throat chakra she identified that I have communication issues right now and that I find it difficult to meet new people. She then was able to read the long term issues I have felt towards my Dad and that there is a lot of anger and resentent that I am still carrying towards him. Erin’s reading was incredible and I will certainly be taking advantage of the full energy clearing service that she provides. Thank you Erin. Bradley Scott – Brighton, England UK”
Revelations Are A Page Turner!
“Wow! Thank-you so much Erin for my free 20min reading. It was very to the point, succint and accurate. I found it very insightful and led me to understand the roots of my sadness and confusion. I felt like an open book… and you could read my every page, unravelling the plot, quickly scanning for the core problems. You are truly gifted and the guiding light I need at this time. I’m looking forward to working with you and here’s to the next chapter!” ~Sheila, West Yorkshire, England”
“…Truly life impacting experience…”100_0719
I cannot thank you enough, you are absolutely AMAZING!!! Truly mind blowing!!
I wasn’t sure what my expectations were at the time but I can tell you that I never, ever thought I would have had this truly life impacting experience.
When my father jumped in from the other side and you validated him immediately, I was stunned to tears.. The out put of senses that came from that experience was joyous. You were so quick to answer with specific names, identities down to the hair style. You allowed me piece of mind from beyond, there would have been no other way but through your wonderful gifts. Being able to communicate with my Father was the best experience I could have ever hoped for. Thanks will never be enough to express how truly grateful I am that you have come into my life with such wonderful gifts. I would recommend you to anyone. You are more then the real deal. You gave me a true, in your face experience.. The effects that I am feeling right now from my clearing and healing are euphoric. Thank you again and again for the teachings.. I Look forward to learning more from you.
Barbara E. ~Canton Georgia Website: www.admiredbeauty.com
“My experience with Erin was very interesting to say the least. She saw my “stuff” and we dealt with it head on. My session with Erin came after a particular stressful weekend of me being in a very dark place. I was drained before the session even began. Erin and I pushed through and worked through each of my chakras clearing a lot of my junk. I particularly liked breaking the contract of the entities that had a hold of me. As I released my junk I felt lighter with less anxiety. I was really drained emotionally by the end and was fairly somber the rest of the evening. However, the next day I experienced a sense of peace……The stuff I had tried to let go of on my own had lost its grip on me. My breathing was more relaxed and the anxious knot in my stomach was gone. Thanks Erin for coming into my life right when I needed you.” ~Karrie Nampa, ID
“Thank you for the peace… the understanding… the compassion…”
Dear Erin~
Thank you so much for today. Even several hours later, I am still feeling the affects of your gifts. I feel lighter, definitely more empowered and I have an amazing sense of enlightenment. You are a truly amazing and oh so very genuine. I felt like I was sitting in the living room of my best girlfriends house.
What you did for me today was incredible. You cauterized a 25 year old open wound between me and my father. The father that I have despised for so many years. To hear you tell me that he is my Guide, that ‘he’ was not the person that victimized me so many years ago, was almost more than I could bear. Honestly. To think that all these years, as I was plagued by bad luck and sorrow all the while feeling his presence, to find out that he was there protecting me instead of haunting me, was one of the most amazing realizations I have ever had in my entire life. Honestly Erin, you gave me a new life with this insight.
I want to especially thank you for the healing that has begun inside of me. I didn’t know if I wanted you to contact the other side. I was frightened and I was scared. I was amazed at your abilities and even more so with your understanding of not passing on messages to me, even though it was clear to me that you were receiving them. Thank you for being so kind and compassionate and asking for my permission before you passed these messages on to me. It wasn’t scary at all. It was beautiful, sad, lovely and comforting. The fact that you wouldn’t let me leave without my brothers message leaving with me, to pass on to all of my other family members, is just a testimonial to who you are and what you can do to heal us. My brother meant everything to me. I love him so much. That he knows that and he wanted to tell me that he loved me too. That he wanted to hold hands with me. Oh Erin , it was overwhelming, it was beautiful and you facilitated wonderfully. Thank you so much for the peace that you have brought into my life, for the understanding that you gave me and for the overwhelming capacity of compassion that you displayed.
Erin, you truly are a remarkable young woman and our paths will cross again. Thank you so very much for the energy that you gave me.
I remain positive~
~Shelly Boise, ID
“The highest recommendation possible…”
Very Gifted Healer
Friends, I send the highest recommendation possible for working with Erin. She is truly gifted, incredibly kind and warm, and you will feel the effects of her work almost instantly. I feel so lucky to have found her and know that you will too!
Kind regards,
~Penny Green Bay, WI
“I suffered a nervous breakdown 5 years ago after a prolonged period of stress and since then my body and mind has been in a severe state of anxiety. I have tried many healing practices and seen many healing practioners over the years ranging from accupunture, hypnosis, EFT, Sedona Method, Chiropractic treatment and Theta Healing. But my first energy healing session with Erin has impacted me more then all of those other healing practices combined! Erin is a very gifted Clairvoyant healer and her accuracy in reading me was phenomenal! Having someone be able to tell you what your root problems are and then help you release them is a total breath of fresh air. Since my first session with Erin a few days ago I have felt so much better and have been infused with a new positive energy. I just know that my life is already starting to shift! To say I am looking forward to my next session with Erin is an understatement! Thank you Erin ~Bradley Scott – Brighton, England”
Amazing Healing and Reading Session
“Thank you so much Erin for my reading and clearing session. This was the first time I have done anything like this, even though I was nervous I still felt comfortable speaking with you and I was just amazed at the things you seemed to know about me, you seemed to know my innermost secret thoughts, thoughts and feelings nobody else knows, I was impressed. I am really looking forward to seeing the effects of your wonderful healing in my life and I will be definitely booking my next session with you as soon as I can.” ~April London, England UK
“…Excited to learn more about my healing capabilities…”
Thanks again Erin for the healing and reading that you did for me. It’s hard to describe how different I feel about things now but the word that comes to mind is “clear”. I feel lighter, more aware and centered. I have a deep sense of peace and well being. We covered a lot of things that have been locked away inside for most of my life and now it’s as though the emotions attached to those events are no longer with me. The constant frustration that I was experiencing prior to speaking with you has subsided and I have noticed that the people around me are more at peace now as well. I am really excited to learn more about my healing capabilities. Thank you for making me aware of this once again. It was as though you were sent from the Universe to gently remind me of what I had long ago forgotten. Namaste!
-S. McBride Boise, ID
“I was very skeptical and after my twenty minute review with Erin I was simply amazed. Erin asked me to ground myself and I did this and opened my chakras and it was the strangest feeling I had in my life. I fellt like she entered my soul and it was totally enlightening. If you are a skeptic as I, open your heart and mind and give it a chance. I did not believe in clairvoyance but I am truely a believer in Erin. She is the real deal and I would reccommend her to anyone that is interested in a life changing experience.” ~Rick Larson Boise, ID
Opened my eyes to a state of calm… a great change for me
Hi Erin, I just want to thank you once again for your work and the reading/healing. It was not like anything I felt before or anticipated. I felt the impact the next morning when I opened my eyes to a state of calm and feeling centered, relaxed and focused, which was a great change for me. One important aspect was the realization that my energy was scattered everywhere and I needed to love, accept and forgive myself and become grounded in order to restore it. I also realized that I can choose the state to be in and then make choices in order to achieve that state, thereby command my own life.
I was surprised how quickly the time went by because I had more questions so perhaps I can arrange another reading in the near future. Thanks once again.
~Carl Quebec, Canada
Most accurate reading I’ve had- ever!:
I’ve had several readings with Erin and each time, she has never failed to amaze me. Her readings are spot-on and very accurate; she has always told me what I’ve needed to know, but without sugarcoating the facts. I was especially astounded when she told me about a very specific event that had happened to someone in my family, but that I hadn’t known about before the reading. I spoke to my mother about it later and she was able to verify that what Erin had told me about had indeed happened, and exactly as Erin had described. She has also done energy clearings for me and I immediately noticed a positive difference in how I felt. Erin’s the real deal and I would unhesitatingly recommend her readings to anyone. =)” ~Amber T.,  IN
“Some miraculous things have happened to me since…”
Sessions with Erin
I have have 2 reading / healing sessions with Erin. Without expecting miracles, some miraculous things have happened to me since. I felt stuck, trapped, stagnated, etc. in my life prior to finding Erin. In my readings, we did not discuss my future, but now I have a plan and am excited about my future.
Also, I did not bring up the subject that I had smoked cigarettes for a great number of years. After some time passed after seeing Erin, I had an urge to really quit and know I will stay quit. Wow, I’m still amazed.
I have let my friends know what wonderful experiences I have had with her.
~Jasmor Boise, ID
“I now feel able to use the gifts Erin has given me to grow…”
“I had a reading & healing from Erin recently for several reasons.
I had been experiencing negativity & self fear for some time. The results were more than amazing. She taught me what was causing this state, helped me clear it & taught me how to combat it. Since then, I have never felt “lighter” & have noticed only one time a negative thought made an attempt, but I noticed right away & was able to banish it before it caught hold. She also taught me how to clear some “dark spots” in my house. I have felt vulnerable to “dark energy” in my home for some time. This has been especially difficult to deal with since I have been, for the most part, laid off since last August from my career job. I felt I could use some guidance on whether I should go back in my trained field of 32 years or try one of the many ideas I have for my future. For a while I was really focused on my “lack of finances”, trying to get a handle on when I would really be in financial trouble. Several times Erin told me I am psychic myself, but have never trusted or developed myself. She made some suggestions for a direction which may prove to be very interesting for my path. Another situation I wanted help with was how to keep from wanting my husband & son to be as ambitious & hard-working as I can be, and also not drag me into lethargy. Knowing all along this is not my place to control. With some psychic help, I no longer feel this wearing me down. While we were working with my chakras, we did some amazing work. My heart space was so big; I was being too empathic and feeling other people’s hurts too much. (In my word, this will lead you to “want to fix other people” syndrome). Now I feel my space is My Space & not other people’s).
In closing, I know I have been focusing on the lessons of life and totally ignoring my inner self. I now feel able use the gifts Erin has given me to grow. Thank You, Erin.” ~Jasmor22
“Her gift is a great blessing to many…”
Reading by Erin
Although my reading with Erin was short (I hope to do a longer, more involved one asap!) She was still right on the money! Her insight was nothing short of amazing and her compassion and helpfulness was obvious even over the phone. I am well aware God has sent His guides to help us through this journey called life, and I am grateful for meeting Erin. Her gift is a great blessing to many and I highly recommend her services.Thank you again.
~Karen Thayer Boise, ID
“…Reminded me to figure out what is important…and to honor that”
“Erin did a recent reading on me. She had some great insights on my situation and some helpful reminders and advice on some things to work on. Erin helped with some blockages. She reminded me to figure out what is important to me and honor that, honor myself, and the manifestation of the things I desire will be opened up. Great advice. Thank you Erin.
Daniel Alan Pfankuch “
“…Provided comfort and spoke to my spiritual state…”
To Whom It May Concern:
I met Erin at the Sept 2009 Wholistic Healing Faire in Boise, Idaho.
She did a reading on me. The reading provided comfort and spoke to my spiritual state and current needs via my chakras.
I was inspired by our session and look forward to taking small group classes that Erin is offering on how to do healing on myself and others, including my 4-legged family members.
In addition, I became interested in the art of Tarot and purchased a set of Tarot cards from her, which I am learning to read and interpret.
~Pam Boise, ID
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Very interesting and helpful
Energy Flows Tremendously…
“Erin when we started off i felt as though whatever you said was nothing new !! It seemed like we met somewhere before and as you were clearing my chakras i felt each and every chakra of mine moving and yes tremendous energy was flowing in me.. I was really flowing with high energy and the calmness n inner peace was amazing!!.. I could even feel the pain on my shoulders and back totally disappearing once u cleared my root and back chakra… Yes it was an immediate effect!! I remember your predictions everything made sense n it was really easy to let go……… I am fresh here happy with my new life.. Plus point of U….. I like the way you explain… It’s really detailed n exactly to the point!! When u amended my akashic records… I was 100percent convinced abt it.. My Symbol matches me very well 🙂 n yes my Guide was really looking after me.. when you were away from the phone for awhile… Good Job !! Bravo Cheers Sonia (Singapore)” ~Sonia, Singapore
“You only allowed truth and compassion to be our connection…”
Dear Erin,
I cant thank you enough. I feel honored to have had your service and I hope your ability is recognized in your field.
I think you are an outstanding psychic, especially in your delivery. You never came from any personal or self serving place. You only allowed truth and compassion to be our connection and in which you spoke to me through, thus making it powerfully healing for me. I can’t thank you enough. Its not easy not involving your ego when you have so much gift, but you did not once and it impresses me greatly and validates your genuine ability to me. I hope you continue to grow with such impressive balance.
….It has definitely brought up some questions but also it has given me a different perspective of how to look at the things I already knew about myself. I think it definitely was a good stepping stone to help me get some of the clarity I was looking for and what I needed in order to help myself get past being stuck in the same place.
I feel better, more positive and feel I have a bit more understanding why I have been drawn to the outdoors and why I always wanted to be fantasy-like beings as a child. But along with that understanding has come some more questions but I would think that if I run out of questions – then I should worry.
So thank you again for the reading and the enlightenment.” “…I was impressed by the reading and the healing. I definitely felt an energy boost after the healing along with other subtle changes. I would definitley recommend Erin as a ‘real deal’ to anyone interested in getting an accurate reading as well as healing. It is definitely amazing how things are either more clear or how things seem to just fall into place after such an awakening. It is refreshing to have a more satisfying feeling and ‘wholeness’ after the healing. I would highly recommend combining the reading and the healing. Erin does a wonderful job in taking the time to explain and walk through the process. ~ Criss, NY
~Jamie Smith Lafayette, LA
“She was on point, helpful and a true clairvoyant.”
“My reading and energy healing session was FANTASTIC! I would highly recommend Erin to anyone, and I have! She not only proved herself but went far beyond my expectations. She solidified things I already knew, cleared some old wounds and brought new ones that needed dealing with to light. TWO words TRULY AMAZING. She was on point, helpful and a true clairvoyant. Wonderful person and great value for services offered. I will definitely be calling Erin again, thank you for sharing your gift and guidance with us.” ~Kristen
Cedric052010a“…Blow the roof off any skepticism I have.”
“I’ve always been torn on psychic stuff- not believing BUT not unbelieving. You are definitely the real deal! The way you can tune into a situation, bring clarity & insight, and suggest needed changes to improve things has been nothing short of amazing. You definitely blow the roof off any skepticism I have. Thank you!”
~Cedric K, Indiana
eBay Review from cloudwatcher8pj
Lovely person and quite the healer!
“…Was a little skeptical but you were spot on.”
“Keep in mind although i have an open mind, i do subscribe to mainstream thinking and was a little skeptical but you were spot on. Thank you for the reading i hope to work with you in the future. It is always nice to find someone that is genuinely out to help people with their gifts.” ~Donald C. Boise, ID
“I was skeptical”
I have never been been a big believer in ‘readings” but I have to admit that Erin felt like a true intuitive. I was delighted and surprised at how in tuned she was with my issues over the the phone no less. I intend to consult with her again in the near future. This was a worthwhile experience to say the least.
~Eugene B. Boise, ID
“…My profound gratitude for such an accurate reading… healing…”
“Dear Erin:
Many thanks for your time on Wednesday evening! Your “cold” reading was accurate down to the smallest, most personal details. The healing was empowering, and I awakened the next morning with renewed energy, spirit and sense of self. There simply aren’t enough words to express my profound gratitude for such an accurate reading and spiritual healing. I feel that, thanks to you and your spirit guides, I am once again back on my own “life path”.
I would highly recommend your reading(s) and healing(s) for everyone. After all, objective insight into one’s daily issues is a much-needed perspective for us all, and your abilities are extraordinary.
It was truly a pleasure, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. On a more personal note, I so much enjoyed our conversation and look forward to future communication!
Warmest regards,
Nancy Baker
Thanks Erin!
“The clearing session that I had with Erin was very productive! With Erin’s guidance I was able to release the anger and resentment that I had accumulated over the years. I even began to notice the results before my session ended! I am now enjoying a more balanced emotional state, and my thinking is much clearer. The results I have received have allowed me to begin looking forward toward the future, rather than remaining stuck in the past. Thank you Erin!” ~Joseph F. Boise, ID
What a relief!!!
“Thank you very much Erin for the great session. When we started the session I was feeling so much connected to you & I felt my chakras rotating. During the chakras clearing I could experience the pain & heaviness coming out with force when you were removing the entities. It was as if dark grey energies coming out of me. The pull-out was so strong! Immediately after clearing my crown chakra, I burst into tears & all of a sudden started laughing. I could not understand what was happening to me but I was feeling very light. Throughout I was feeling the downpour of energy on me, was as though in bliss. It’s been years I have been going through occasional headache. It as if I had been carrying a heavyweight for so long. But after the clearing my head area is so light & relaxed. I used to get worried for every small thing but now I seem to just let go. You also sense that I’m a psychic WOOOOOW!!!! I’m looking forward to develop this gift further.” ~Leena, Singapore
“…Definitely satisfied with the reading and clearing.”
“I am definitely interested in another reading and healing/clearing session. I am still processing through the first one and coming up with some questions that either I will be able to get figured out or will have for the next time I make an appointment. I was definitely satisfied with the reading and clearing.
Thank you.”
eBay Review from openheartchakra
Erin’s reading proved her Creator given ability to be quite authentic. Excelent.
“…Fantastic with her insight of me…”
“I just wanted to take time and endorse Erin’s gift & insight. When she was telling me about my present status in life and how my pass experiences is effecting my present life choices it was like she had known me my whole life. I was very fascinated how over the phone and never seen me in person that her gift was reading like I was a New York Best Seller Novel. I became so transparent to her but I was only on the phone a few short minutes and became very impressed with her gifts. I hope to meet others like her therefore I would achieve an honest friendship because their gifts would allow me to remain transparent. I would like to learn someday if I may have hidden gifts that I may help others thru my journey of life….
“Erin was fantastic with her insight of me by describing me as if she grew up with me. I was shocked of her account of my past and present mental and emotional lifestyle or decisions I had chosen. I comment usually to the wrong or bad decisions which I repeated over and over again. I am looking for my next reading for my physic exam update to encourage better decision making to become a more healthier person mentally & emotionally to contribute my birth purpose to help this world. Thank You So Much ” ~Michael H.
“My Session With Erin”
I am grateful to Erin for helping me understand what it was that was causing things to happen to me. She was able to move out energy that was causing problems. I was just in a stuck place and she was able to get it moving again. She also confirmed things that I was getting which helped me believe in myself. Thanks Erin.
Cant wait to experience your classes.
“…Very intuitive and picked up on things… would not have known.”
Thanks so much Erin!!! Our short reading turned into an hour because you were kind enough to read my son as well. Erin is right on with her gifts, she was able to open up and clear some junk just by telling me family members were interfering with my energies. She really is gifted and for anyone that does not believe, give her a chance because she is very intuitive and picked up on things that others would not have known. She gave me some great help and suggestions for my son and he is already feeling better. Thanks again Erin… You rock! ~Kristin, Caldwell Idaho
“Great job of finding and releasing old wounds…”
Erin did a great job of finding and releasing old wounds and stuck energy. She was able to read and clear my chakras in just a few minutes. As she worked with me, she told me that it would take about 20 minutes and the energy would be released. Well, I have to tell you she was right. It was such a relief. She is a very gifted healer.
Thanks Erin
~Karen Carson Boise, ID
“I am so thrilled by my reading with Erin.
When I was looking on the net to try to find some answers to some of the things I was personally experiencing, I goggled healing. As you can imagine loads of sites came across to check out. I went through one by one and either my computer would freeze or the sites just would not open. I finally arrived to complete healing and this was the ONLY link that would work. I immediatley knew that there was something to this. When I spoke to Erin, I cannot tell you how amazed I was about how spot on she was. I mean she picked up on things that I had never told anyone else and things that I had so deep within me I had totally forgotten until she mentioned it. I instantly knew that she was the real deal and my finding her was not an accident. When she was speaking/teaching it was like a huge piece of a puzzle was put together. I cannot wait to work with her to better myself in all ways. Thank you Erin for what you have given me.” ~Dawn Okemos, MI
“I was amazed”
I recently had a reading with Erin and, have to admit that her accuracy was right on point. She was compassionate, sincere, easy to talk to and, thorough. It had been a long time since I reflected on issues about my life. She helped me understand that by moving forward life will become easier. Erin re-enforced things that I knew but, had to hear from someone outside of my situation. Knowing that her intentions come from a good place I would highly recommend a reading with her to anyone. Erin is a diamond in the rough.
~Deshanta Virginia Beach, VA
“Meeting Erin”
I just had my first healing reading with Erin today and was very impressed! First off she made me feel like I was talking to a friend and I felt safe talking to her. She was right on with traumas and other stuff in my past and present. I had actually wanted to cry cuz she is able to touch on old hurts that I have tried to deny and ignore. I will definitely be going back for a complete healing and plan to try to get my Mother to do it also.
~Brenda Seaside, OR
“…The best, most accurate clairvoyant reading…”
“Thanks for talk with me the other night. i can honestly say, that was the best, most accurate clairvoyant reading i’ve ever had. Thanks again…~Ted G.
“…Will accentuate your personal strengths…”
“Erin’s insights are refreshing, honest and uplifting. During a recent reading with her, I found her easy to connect with and was quite comfortable. She has the ability to shed light on the grey areas of your questions, giving you an inspiring reading that will accentuate your personal strengths and reinforce your sense of empowerment. I highly recommend her services.” ~Kim H.
eBay Review from dorin1010
Accurate reading, fast response, insightful information, thank you.
“…Clear direction and insightful information…”
“Erin’s reading was insightful. Her combination of Clairvoyance and myriad of psychic abilities really helped cut through the confusion I was going through. This was my first reading with Erin and I was very satisfied. I would recommend Erin Heaven to anyone wanting clear direction and insightful information that is often buried in our subconscience. The reading definitely cleared a lot of clutter out of my path so I have been able to think more clearly about my future.” ~Lisa K.
“…Provided guidance… confirmed answers… pinpointed feelings…”
“Erin has a wonderful gift for helping people with questions they have about their life. Her service really provided guidance in a few areas that had been troubling me. Her ability also confirmed some of the answers to questions that I had just been uncertain about. After only talking with her for a minute, she had really pinpointed some of my feelings with regards to my life and situation. She one of the friendliest people that I’ve had the pleasure to talk/work with. I would highly recommend Erin to anyone that seeks ideas, confirmation and guidance!”
~Sarah L. Boise, ID
“…A wonderful gift of insight”
“Erin has a wonderful gift of insight. I truly appreciate her ability to ‘hear and see’ what I need to know, thank you so much and God Bless.” ~Claudia P.
“Took Me By Surprise!”
Normally I would be catagorized as a skeptic, and I entered my session with Erin as one. Amazingly she told me things about myself and my life that nobody really knows but me. She’s not the kind of person that reads your responses and builds on the affirmative and the hints you give her. I was mostly monosylabic in our converstation (simple yes & no’s) and yet she was able to read my chakras like a page out of a book. I didn’t believe that the real deal existed, except in some remote Gypsy camp in Romania (ha, ha), but Erin is it. If you let her in, you will be quite pleased with the results. Thank you, Erin.
~Debra Henson Mountain Home, ID
“Shockingly Accurate with Details Past and Present”
First off, I want to thank you so much for doing a reading on myself and my girlfriend. When I woke up this morning I felt as if a huge load of anger, pain, and excess emotional baggage was lifted from me. You were so accurate with past events that affect present events that it truely shocked me. I look forward to having another reading done again soon by you. My body feels so much relief and its easier to think. You truely are amazing and your gift is unbeleiveable. I hope that you share your gift with many others to help them as you have helped me. Happy Holidays.. and keep spreadiing your healing aura to everyone. Thanks again!
~Lisa Durvin Las Vegas, NV
“…The best and most accurate readings I’ve ever had.”
Seriously, your readings are amazing and accurate- what you told me during the readings were things that I had been thinking and feeling, but that I had not talked about to anyone else. And you were able to pick up on all of that! I was really amazed with your accuracy and also the helpful advice that you gave me. I would highly recommend you to anyone as these are by far the best and most accurate readings I’ve ever had. Thanks so much. =)” ~Amber T., Indiana
“…Very intuitive… kind and supportive.”
“I’ve had a few readings in past that weren’t so accurate, but AH! This was a breath of fresh air! When I had a chance to speak with Erin, I realized she was indeed very intuitive, and her guidance was kind and supportive. I highly recommend Erin because of accuracy and her well-spoken manner. Peace!” ~Gavin G. Boise, ID
“…Honest and compassionate.”
“Erin, I feel as if she works from her gifts and is honest and compassionate. She is incredibly insightful to the situation. I cannot recomment her highly enough. Thanks so much for the reading.” ~Mandi, Tennessee
“Great insight”
I had a reading with Erin and she was great. She tuned into what was going on with me. Later there were some things that I was able to validate that she said, which was awesome. I feel that she has helped me make a big shift in my health and what is going on in my life…I’ve referred her to friends.
thanks Erin!!!!
Great Job!
~Sue Lafayette, LA
“…She helped on how to become a better person.”
“Erin’s psychic readings are great and accurate. I was impress of how accurate her readings were. She answered my questions with honesty if you need advice or need answers to all your doubts or questions, Erin has the answers to of all your questions. I really appreciate what she did for me because she helped on how to become a better person. Not only by the accuracy of the information she was giving me but by the compassionate and understanding way she delivered it.” ~Katy C.
“Erin is Wonderful!”
I went to see Erin, not really knowing what to expect.
Came away a full believer. She brought things to light things, that I knew deep down I had been harboring for years and not a single person could have known them.
Not all the things said were sweetness and light, but then life never is.
What I found fascinating was her knowledge of past life experiences. Ever since childhood I eexperienced what I thought were flashbacks of some sorts.
She described in detail instances that I clearly have seen, it was amazing. I will be going back to see Erin soon, she instantly makes you feel at ease.
~Amy Kuna, ID
“…An honest person to give you a great reading…”
“Erin Heaven did a reading for me, Erin is a true Psychic! She was very professional and very honest with her reading. She read very well for me and said things that I only knew. She is great! If you are looking for a honest person to give you a great reading please call Erin, you will not be disappointed with her.” ~Jackie W.
“Everyone needs to have a healing from Erin”
Had a great healing with Erin.. Everyone needs to have a healing from Erin.. Worked with me for the payments..
~willow white in Boise, ID
“…Wasn’t quite what I wanted to hear, but it was the truth.”
Erin, I would like to seriously thank you for the reading! I can’t thank you enough! The reading was very detailed, and straight to the point. What you said to me, I kinda sensed that was going on, very acurate reading. Today, you actually opened up my eyes and made me realize something. I can say, it wasn’t quite what I wanted to hear, but it was the truth. That’s all I can ask for! I would definitely come back again! Thank you!!!!” ~Don
“…Opened my inner mind to the idea of pursuing my thoughts…”
“Erin gave me my first reading, I was surprised. Your reading gave me hope that something will break very soon on my career path. You mentioned, ‘healing, medical, creative and helping people’. At first, I could not think anything along those lines. But after Reading a bit deeper, you opened my inner mind to the idea of pursuing my thoughts of becoming a personal trainer and I think this would be a good direction for me. I will be looking forward to future readings. Thank you very much!” ~Neil P. Fort Lauderdale, FL
~WILLOW W. Boise, ID
“Completely Wowed Me”
Erin is completely and utterly amazing. I mentioned NOTHING about myself, and she knew I had three miscarriages, knew about my thyroid condition, knew about my rape(which I had previously told NO ONE about), knew about my close relationship with my mother, she knew that I’m an empath, she knew SO MUCH about me, and she said it came very clear to her. I love this woman and I think she is amazing. I will probably be getting a healing session with her. Thank you so much for everything Erin. Blessed Be.
~Kayla Osborn Marshalltown, IA
“…A wonderful and very personal experience.”
“I was enchanted as the reading of Angel cards were laid out before me. The beautiful image’s meanings became clear as the connections were explained by Erin. She is as gifted a clairvoyant as she is intuitive. She brought to light truths about myself that have been known to me for some time, and put connections with people im my life into perspective. I would reccomend Erin’s wisdom to any friend. It was a wonderful and very personal experience.” ~Ryan Carole Boise, ID
eBay Review by art2bme
Erin is professional and has a real gift. I felt she helped me understand. THANX
“Erin Heaven- Life/Health Reading”
I found Erin to be sincere and friendly. Her reading was impressive. I would recommend her. ~Richard
“…More concerned about you and your future.”
“Erin is truly phenomenal. Her reading was accurate and right to the point. She talked about things that amazed me. I grew up in a torn household and she was able to pick that up. She even gave me advice regarding my ex boyfriend and my love life. I had tried other psychic before but she was different. Others are more concerned about money whereas Erin is more concerned about you and your future. Her advice is second to none. I am grateful for the opportunity to speak with her.” ~Michelle
“She hits the nail dead on the head…”
“I had the pleasure of meeting a very special and gifted person. There are many things in life we may question and may not have answers for; but I can honestly say she has a special gift and it is TRUE. She is easy to talk to. She puts you at ease and when she finds your reading, directed at you; it’s a bullseye. She hits the nail dead on the head sorta of speaking. I would like to continue to get to know more about her as she helps me to get to know about myself. Thanks!” ~Alex. Florida
eBay Review from crazyclotheslines
A very nice experience. A lot of Accuracy. Thanks
“…Given me profound insight into my life…”
“Sometimes in Life we are Given the Chance to meet Someone is Truly a Gift. This Lady is one of Them. She Fosters within her a Gift that Few have and many need. The Universe and it’s ways are Vast and a Mystery to some but, she bring it much closer to us for our help and understanding. She has Given me profound insight into my life and what I have tried to figure out for such a long time. She shared with me in Kind, Compassionate, Understanding words the Truths that I felt but did not know how to express. She will Forever be a Light in the Harbor Guiding me Home During Stormy Times. Anyone seeking Strength and understand into their lives owes it to themselves to contact this Lady. I can say without a Doubt that if you do, your Testimony will follow mine in a long line of Grateful People. Thank You my Friend for Being You….
Actually I know I will be using you quite a bit to help guide me through this part of my life. So, anytime you have the time to assist me. I really liked the style you have and how you was able to read me so well…. thanks for your help and kindness… You are very good at what you do and will help a extremely large amount of people through out life…
You are stuck with me…..You did such a great job for my first reading, I would be lost with out you to guide me the rest of the way through my troublesome life…..Smile” ~Jerry E. Boise Idaho
“…Hit some strong points that were of importance to me…”
“I want to start off by saying that the reading you gave me was very good. It hit some strong points that were of importance to me at this moment in life. I like how guided me through the reading and showed me what are some possibilities, rather than this is the only way. Thank you.” ~”Cali Girl” Boise, ID
Snapshot_20100718**Totally Legit**
I got a card from Erin’s booth at goddess fest and I read about the healings and her practices. My mom had been through a lot of family abuse, bad relationships, and just a bunch of negative experiences and I could feel it was holding her back from life’s full potential. I couldn’t heal my mom myself because I am just a novice so I made an appointment with Erin and I will never regret it. My mom is a new person. Erin gave her a clean slate, cleared her chakras, updated her akashic records and even contacted our past loved ones. That had a major impact on my mom’s life and now she goes around telling family members what a life changing experience it was. She is more positive, she gives to herself not just to others like she did before, she also doesn’t experience physical ailments like before. I was there and witnessed everything in the same room. Erin worked wonders for my mom and I thank her for giving my mom such strength and motivation towards life.!
~Tokasha Laub Caldwell, ID
“…Picked up on things that I did not mention.”
“Thank you for taking the time to give me a reading. You were very kind and understanding and answered all of my questions. What you said makes sense and you picked up on things that I did not mention. I will keep what you said in mind and hopefully I can get past this soon. Thanks again!” ~Cheryl
“I suffered a nervous breakdown 5 years ago after a prolonged period of stress and since then my body and mind has been in a severe state of anxiety. I have tried many healing practices and seen many healing practioners over the years ranging from accupunture, hypnosis, EFT, Sedona Method, Chiropractic treatment and Theta Healing. But my first energy healing session with Erin has impacted me more then all of those other healing practices combined! Erin is a very gifted Clairvoyant healer and her accuracy in reading me was phenomenal! Having someone be able to tell you what your root problems are and then help you release them is a total breath of fresh air. Since my first session with Erin a few days ago I have felt so much better and have been infused with a new positive energy. I just know that my life is already starting to shift! To say I am looking forward to my next session with Erin is an understatement! Thank you Erin Bradley Scott – Brighton, England”
“…Amazingly true to facts.”
“U r so amazingly true to facts. Thank you.” ~ Ben Bahreiny Las Vegas, NV
eBay Review from wiccanchik
“Truly amazing. This woman is AMAZING. I cannot thank you enough Erin. A++++++” ~ wiccanchik
“Excellent Healing Session!!!”
I really enjoyed my session with Erin. She is extremely gifted! As a life-coach, I have created my very own healing program called “Get the Life You Deserve” and as a part of my program, I send my clients to many healers. I come in contact with SEVERAL healers on a weekly basis, so I can spot a gifted healer instantly. Erin went through all my chakras and gave me valuable information that really helped me. She also served as a “medium” and passed on information that my husband’s grandfather was giving to her. This information has served me and my husband tremendously. I am very grateful to her and I highly recommend her!
~Connie Costa Los Angeles, CA
“Anticipating Our Appointment”
Honestly, the second my daughter told me about Erin, and her abilities, (as crazy as that may sound), I felt my healing had, at that very moment, began. Forgot the fact that we had never spoken or laid eyes on one another. Anticipating our appointment, enlightened me spiritually, opening a flood gate of positive energy, & I could not wait to begin my journey back to good health. Being young & soft spoken, it didn’t take long before a calm acceptance came over me, & an unspoken trust-
knowing all was well, as I felt very secure in her healing hands. At 56, I have suffered consistent should back and hip hand and arm. Which after just one session have continued to dissipate, since. Physically I feel so very much better & those few extra pounds I’ve gained in the last 3 years have actually began to drop off.. Wow! ‘Spiritually’ I feel as if I could change the world. When a dear friend who had crossed well over 10 years ago- came through for we wow. This little lady is the Real McCoy!
~Carol White Boise, ID
“Great Experience Worth a Try”
This was a very unique healing session I was able to feel the energy clearing as she was guiding me through the process, she gave great insight into myself that I had not heard from other readings, She would tell me about myself and what needed to be cleared and then she would guide me through the process of clearing it, from the experience that I observed it was much like the process of recovering from depression and low self-esteem that I read so much about in my class, definitly some science and truth behind the technique she uses I wouldn’t discount it, it might even be the same technique described in my class. You definitly won’t be dissappointed from this healer.
~Andrew Campbell Noblesville, IN
eBay Review from 317casper99
‹(•¿•)›THANK YOU (¯`’•.¸(¯`’•.¸ GREAT SELLER ¸.•’´¯)¸.•’´¯)SIX STARS ‹(•¿•)
~ 317casper99
I am not the type of person who goes for readings, mostly because I am affraid of getting ripped off. When Erin called me she told me what to do to prepare but asked me nothing. She then went chakra by chakra explaining to me what has been going on in my life. I knew 100% she was real when she told me things she could not have known. She is such a easy and nonjudgmental person. I have decided to go back for the complete healing. I recommend her services to everyone!
~Brenda Seaside, OR
“Soooo Accurate”
Erin is truley a talented and gifted clairvoyant.. She was able to clear the view for me to see what it is I needed to see. She gave me information that confirmed what I was starting to get for myself, and encouraged me to grow and learn more. Thanks Erin you are truley a blessing to those around you.
C. Nixon
~C. Nixon Nampa, ID
So Amazing!
“You brought up things about certain people in my life that I hadn’t really thought of in a while, but realized during our session just how much these people affect me and my overall health (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health). You read things about recent events, such as my beloved brother passing and crossing over to the other side. My worries and concerns I have for loved ones that I was hanging onto. How my parents affected me and why I took on some of the things that they had carried for years. I was so very easily able to feel the energy flow in the sessions. I had felt little bits in other healing sessions, and occasionally a big burst, but not like I felt with our session. The flow of energy was so consistant. I can actually feel the different parts of my body that still hangs on to other things, but it doesn’t scare me like it used to. The other entities wanted to have an effect on me, but it is so much easier to block them and move into my power. I am grateful!!” ~Hannah Mulvey Belton, MO
“Truly Amazing!”
Truly Amazing! Erin was so unbelievably accurate and helpful in her reading that I am unable to contain my excitement for my chakra cleansing. Thanks Erin! I hope that you can keep reaching out to people! God knows we really need angels like you!
~Samdai South Richmond Hill, NY
eBay Review from exhanimo
Very helpful. Thank you!
“I’m Taking Your Guidance and Hope to Be Strong In My Quest”
“I just wanted to let you know that the information you presented has given much comfort and thought. BUT Most of All, I wanted to thank you for making me feel so much better not only on an intellectual level but an emotional one. You have a natural warmth and caring that is felt many miles away. You make each person feel unique and appreciated. The attention and affection you presented me yesterday is still with me today. I am grateful for your blessings. You have been such a positive influence and are so wonderful to talk to. You are such a kind and truthful person and I am taking your guidance and hope to be strong in my quest for my continued quest for universal awareness. I hope to be a better person and find more peace while helping others along the way in my next venture. I will make sure to drop you a line in the future to let you know how things turn out. Peace to you and I truly appreciate the person you are” ~Janet
“Truly a gifted reader”
I really appreciated Erin’s help. She cleared up many questions I had about my health and other areas of my life. I was amazed at how much she knew and will recommend her to anyone wishing to seek help from her. She is truly a gifted reader. Thanks Erin.
~Karen Carson Boise, ID
“1st session results”
You were spot on the description of parental family and its dynamics, and about my walls, and more….:) Your insight also backed up what another healer had said 6 years ago about one of my sons. My shoulders and back are pain-free and not carrying so much tension. I am feeling lighter, like the feather and birds vision I had during the session.
Thank you!!
~Tom Boise, ID
“Great psychic and chakra reader…”
Very accurate reading. On spot with a lot. Very caring person. I want to work with her again. Said I had the heaviest crown chakra she had seen. I understand that for the mission I have to do. Great psychic and chakra reader.
~Steve Seretan Sylmar, CA
“Reading… left me more confident…”
Erin’s reading on me today was very comforting and left me more confident in my future. I look forward to more contact with her. BLESS YOU ERIN AND THANK YOU!!!
~Tom Boise, ID
“Powerful!…packed with insight”
Erin certainly has a true gift and certainly doesn’t waste any time getting to it. The complete 1.5 hour session was packed with insight into my past and present. She knew by name people that are currently of concern to me, perfectly described my deceased grandfather, knew other business and personal issues in detail and was excellent at helping move that energy out and away. I had an amazing amount of psychic cords stuck to my back causing back pain. She removed all and immediately, all back pain was gone. By the end of the session, I felt relaxed and extremely sleepy and very warm.
For those of you who are skeptical, and find such transformation hard to believe ..I submit that the truly remarkable moments in life are not necessarily meant to be understood, nor is it necessary to understand to experience transformation. Thank you Erin, I will be referring friends and family to the care of your capable hands.
~Teri Ennis Camarillo, CA
“Very accurate read!”
Erin was able to determine many different aspects about my past and present and at times with remarkable accuracy. Being a natural skeptic and not really knowing what exactly she taps into or how exactly it works it would appear she is able to tap into certain frequencies much like a radio station picks up different stations which leads me to think she is genuinely resonating with the subconscious and unconscious mind.
I would encourage anyone interested in esoteric knowledge, intuition, your history, unknown energy and anyone who has a strong sense of synchronicity to schedule an appointment with her to see what you receive. And as with anything I encourage people to go in with an open mind and to realize that you must become a light unto yourself and not substitute another persons judgment for your own.
I hope this helps and if you want to ask me questions contact my business and I will do my best to answer any questions.
Thanks again Erin. I will be back again!
~ Body Epiphanies Massage & Bodywork Wellness Studio Boise, ID
“You cannot believe how situations came together”
Re from Erin: Are things getting better for you?
Yes, Yes, Yes
You cannot believe how situations came together since we had my last healing session. My bid for the residence I was trying for was accepted over multiple bidders. My financing blocks suddenly cleared up. I made some very positive personal and maybe future business connections. I had a day of amazing coincidences. My depleted power returned. My stress lifted. All the worries bogging my crown and brow chakras were lifted and you felt the junk pouring out of me.
In our session, you “worked” on my right knee, even though I had not experienced any problems in that area. If I understood correctly, you were concerned about my family relationships were storing negative energies there. 5 days later, my knee hurt all day and then was completely fine.
The most wonderful thing happened as I was driving for a final inspection for the escrow paperwork to begin. It was the first beautiful day here in Southern California), I was s
~Jane Oceanside, CA
“Truly gifted in her abilities…”
“Erin was so accurate with what she told me. There is absolutely no way that she would know these things, unless she were truly clairvoyant! She told me the name of my ex-boyfriend and even described the way he looked, amongst other things that she told me with complete accuracy. She knew the most intimate details of my life that I have never told a soul. Things that I didn’t think were still with me, but she made me aware that I was still carrying them with me. She is truly gifted in her abilities, I am just amazed! I felt so much lighter when our session was over, and I feel a sense of relief! I’m looking forward to new beginnings, with the fog finally lifted from my eyes. I highly recommend her.” ~Tonya Atlanta, GA
“Bona Fida clairvoyant and healer/channeler”
“Erin is a truly gifted clairvoyant. She went straight to the point with no sugar coating, and in a compassionate way. The wow factor for me was that her blessed gift allows her to see clearly and in details of something I know I have, that was given and blessed by Divine Source of Love and Light. When she told me and described that specific thing to me, I was speechless. I have tried out so many ‘clairvoyants’ over the years and almost 99% of them I was doubtful of their ‘gift’ as nothing was concretely said or proven to me. She was spot on in many of my life situations. With Erin, I am very impressed with her reading. Her healing channel was also effective. At one point, I could literally feel the junk energy got released from a particular chakra and felt a total clearing and lightness in seconds. I highly recommend Erin to any skeptics and lightworkers. ~ Eric C. F. Washington DC”
“I will be returning to her again and again…”
“Erin is absolutely amazing in her readings. She gets to the point and brings out things you would never expect. Details that you think were impossible for anyone to know. It is truly amazing and you will feel wonderful after the experience. I was amazed that even long distance I could feel the healing power throughout my body. I cannot stress enough how accurate she is and helpful she is. If you are looking for the real deal, hands down, in your face experience by a friendly, kind hearted and compassionate person. Erin is the one for you. I will be returning to her again and again for my clearings and spiritual touch ups 🙂 Much love to you Erin, your the best!!”
~B. GA
“Thank you Erin from the bottom of my heart! One could say that you saved my life and marriage. You helped me to understand so much about my life and myself. And through your gift you’ve been able to communicate with my dad, who passed away 2 years ago. He has come through in every one of the 4 readings I’ve had by you. And with his help, you’ve shown me the way to happiness and the truth. I can now look to the future with hope and excitement. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for your clairvoyant healings. You truly are a gem!! I will be in touch. Thanks again! Diane” ~Diane W. Boise, ID
Amazingly Accurate
Everything you read about in other testimonies are true! Erin is extremely accurate at pinpointing problems that are holding you back. She gave me clarity regarding issues I had been struggling with my whole life. I’m sure she can do the same for you if you are open to it. She strikes the right balance of friendly and honest, which I think is very important when it comes to energy healing. I would recommend her services in a heartbeat. 10/10 ~cless22
Accurate Reading
“Thank you for your very accurate reading,you are amazing. Nely, ~Nely Stroudsburg, PA
“I have never thought of, nor experienced, this kind of thing before! After my session, I not only felt better within myself, I felt more relaxed all together. Erin has a very distinguished ability to look deep into a person that she just met moments ago…. I walked away wanting and willing to have a full reading and cleansing after a mere 20 minutes! Erin gave me something that not only did I not know, but something I needed! I have benefited greatly from my experience with what is, in my opinion, a deep, concise and moving individual. I sat down with skepticism on any higher dimension and she tapped into something else that I couldn’t even imagine which has, undoubtedly, changed my life’s perspective.” ~Adam Nampa, ID
10 Stars!!!
I was so fortunate to find Erin via twitter. I saw an article that she had written on hypothyroidism and the 5th chakra and it was mentioned on a twitter post. I said: “That’s about ME!” I have always had trouble speaking up. I never want to hurt others’ feelings.
I immediately went to Erin’s website, read everything there, read every single testimonial and thought that that many people can’t be wrong. So I booked a reading with Erin. She was able to fit me in quickly.
I have had many, many readings prior to the one with Erin. Her beautiful reading brought me to tears. Tears of joy and relief. To learn all that I did from Erin changed my life forever. Those are not words that I use lightly. I carried many burdens with me in life and in an instant, they were dissolved. I have been able to move forward with ease, clarity, focus and a new found passion for my life. I have begun the re-inventing process and it is fun and enjoyable!
Erin provided laser sharp information with 100% accuracy. She had a very important message for me from my Dad who had passed on. And within a few days, the message proved to be 100% accurate as well.
As a result of the aura clearing, chakra clearing, forgiveness exercises and powerful questions that Erin asked me, I am no longer the person who was timid and afraid to speak up and tell my truth. I feel lighter and the burdens are gone.
I will continue to receive regular readings with Erin. She is a very kind, patient, compassionate and caring person and I would highly recommend her.
Thank you Erin. I will always be grateful for how you have changed my life.
Thank You
“Thank you Erin for your help! I am more focused on today instead of worrying about what happens tomorrow. I felt the energy as I was cleared and now have more mental clarity. I am determined to speak up in my relationships and not be dominated.” ~ Mike GA
Amazing Clearing!
Erin is sent from above..She helps in so many ways, I just don’t have enough space to say it all. Here are some details from my last session. I’m currently on temporary assignment in Dubuque Iowa staying in a hotel. I have felt awful and the smell in the room was over whelming. I couldn’t get rid of anything I was feeling or smelling. So I decided to give my healer a call. We were able to clear the room (smell was gone) I could actually feel the “thick ichiness” in the room leave, and I found out why I was feeling sick and having awful dreams. There was an old bugger that was lingering in the room since he passed away there.. We were able to drive out numerous entities and negative energies. I was exhausted after the 2hr session but slept like a baby for the 1st time in over a month.There is so much more that happened but I’m running out of room :-). I am so glad Erin is in my life. Please don’t hesitate to contact her, she will be able to help you with more then you can imagine.
~Barbara Canton, GA
Amazingly Right On!
“I’m telling you this woman has the got the gift! I was getting goosebumps and feeling such intense emotions, both happy and sad, as she was bringing up past and current stuff that was so true. There was no way she could have known these things just herself. I truly believe she can tap into the spiritual side and pass on their messages. Her reading rang so true for me and with amazing accuracy! She gave me information that was not generic and vague. She knew names and gave matching descriptions of the people and situations in my life she was getting information about. Any doubt in my mind that we are alone and on our own is gone for me. I feel so peaceful and better able to stay in the present moment than ever before. She’s the best reader I’ve worked with. Give her a try. I promise you won’t be disappointed! Thanks a million again, Erin!!!!”~Diane Boise, ID
Full Chakra Healing
“I just had a chakra healing with Erin. We started from my crown which she pointed out my very painful distance with my mom and dad. She had helped me release alot of these pain and insecurities that’s still held a blockage in my adult life. Instantly, i felt much lighter in that area. When we moved down to my brow chakra, Erin had pointed out entities that’s been controlling that area. We both worked into erasing these entities that’s been blocking my psychic abilities. I experienced a very hard resistance on my end, which validated myself how much of a pull and control these entities have affected my daily life!! Once i let go of the resistance, I felt much better and lighter. My throat chakra was another challenge I found in myself as well to let go of the blockages. Erin stayed with me through my battle of letting go with the entities and we did let go most of them. She helped me with my challenges in communication and I am very thankful for her help and expertise!” ~Indy New Jersey
Thank you Erin!!!
“Wow! You blew my socks off. You are incredibly accurate , getting the smallest details right about my life. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, so thank you for healing all the issues of fear, guilt, anger, and abuse. You described my husband to a “T”, even down to what he feels and even says! I have never had a more comprehensive reading in my life. The best part was that you helped me to deal with all the issues that were brought up, clearing blocks and working on my chakras and aura. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” ~Bertie Milner Lake Park, GA
Thank You!
“I was referred to Erin by a friend, and I am so glad I took her advice to get in contact with her. I felt nervous but within a few moments I felt like Erin and I had been friends for years. I was astounded by her accuracy with so many things, and some things that I did not even know until I confirmed them with family! She was able to clear so much for me, to the point that I felt like a new person. All the things that had been weighing on me had been lifted. Even now nearly a week after my experience I still feel fantastic. I can understand that people are skeptical about doing something like this, but if you open yourself up and put those feeling aside you will be amazed by Erin’s skills and kindness! I Thank Erin with all my heart she has helped me to find the person inside and the positive energy to be that person everyday!! I can’t wait to have another session!! :)” ~Briana L. Boise, ID
Healing Session
“Thank you Erin for bringing me into a state of awareness and compassion for who I am. Getting to discover myself and understand suffering and illusion and the role they played throughout my entire life. You are beautiful Light and Love… Nely Grecea” ~Nely Grecea, Bronx, NY
Highly Recommended!
“I sat down for a brief chakra clearing session with Erin at the Goddess Fest in Boise ID. I had been to a tarot reader before sitting down with Erin and it was so-so. She told me some things but I wasn’t blown away by any of it. Erin on the other hand, completely blew me away! Her accuracy was amazing and she’s a really fun person! I was so impressed that I grabbed my cousin who was with me and made her go do a session as well. I am definitely looking forward to doing a few full sessions with her. If I can feel that much happier and more balanced after a short session then a full session or two will be the icing on the cake. I know that I have a lot of baggage and energy drainage that needs help being cleared. Thank you again Erin and I will be seeing you soon I hope!” ~Mckenze Critchfield Burley, ID
“She was 90% right on and reaffirmed what I already knew. I’ve come a long way in my recovery, but have not completed the circle. I believe in her ability and would try her again. Thank-you!” ~Kathleen Cookman Nampa, ID
“I am delighted to add my testimonial to the masses who have already benefitted hugely from Erins gifts. I have so far had two sessions and already feel so much better. Working on past lives, Erin amazed me with her accurate clairvoyant reading which identified the past life and the pattern that was running through my life. I was able to energetically match my present day patterns or lessons with the past lives, and once that was realized, forgiven and released, it was gone. I feel so much lighter, calmer and accepting of my journey with no judgement of self, just love. For the first time ever, I feel at peace with myself! I feel blessed to have Erins help, she is an amazing healer with wonderful gifts. Thank you so much Erin my deepest gratitude for your help, guidance, support, compassion ….. you are a gift to the world. ~Kelly, Surrey, England UK”
Finally Someone Who Can Read Me…
“Erin was the first reading I ever had where she had the ability to see what was going on with me..and my family members. She knew my father passed on and that I had a daughter, She cleared a Heart Block and after I felt an enormous relief in that area… She could see where I was stuck & in what areas of my life. Mostly she picked up on my mother “as not being there, or spacey” and that she had an illness which last night she was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy… She was very accurate in a short amount of time,, I am certain Erin is an excellent healer,, I look forward to doing more work with her..” ~Susan New York, NY
Effective Clearing
“I was skeptical when I had my initial reading/healing with Erin, not because I’m inexperienced with this sort of thing but because I am. In the past, the lighter feeling from healings would vanish after a few days even though I try really hard to do everything right. With Erin, the main cause of my block to releasing was accurately pointed out to me. Old energies in my chakras that I knew of and some that I’d not noticed were identified and Erin focused on making sure they were cleared instead of glibly skimming over the situation. The session was done is such a way that I can effectively use some of the tools for myself daily. Some horrific blocks were dealt with in a calm manner and some strengths were pointed out and I feel safer and more hopeful than I have in quite some time. Moving through my day with less fear, frustration and resentment makes everything seem easier and I can enjoy life more readily.”~Kate Boise, ID
So impressed!
“I saw Erin for 20 mins at the Goddess Festival and I was AMAZED at her accuracy! She was dead on with my reading, even with SPECIFIC details. There is no question this is her gift and she is here to bless, help, and free many people. I cannot wait to see her again! Thank you, Erin, for being real and in touch with your gift…” ~Dana Boise, ID
Erin’s Amazing Clearing Session
“Erin has a clearing technique that is just amazing. She truly is a gifted bodyworker. She has a pleasant personality and wonderful energy. Her healing session was very therapeutic and helped me release stuff that had been stored for most of my life in areas of my body that were adversely affecting my health. Her session turned my mind from one of utter chaos to tranquility. Anyone could benefit from a few sessions with Erin. I am so very grateful to have crossed paths with her; my life has truly been blessed by her healing clearing techniques.” — Beverly Dunford, Certified Massage Therapist / Cleansing Coach, www.strengthfromwithin.biz Boise, ID
No More Atheism!
“Previous to meeting and experiencing a reading with Erin I didn’t believe in any “Higher Powers” or “Divine Entities”. I was more or less an Atheist. But as I sat in Erin’ chair and she began to read my chakras I was astounded at the information she was pulling!… it was all so accurate and incredible that I literally went from believing nothing is out there to being convinced she was tapping in to something and there has to be some sort of Divine existence. Obviously I’m not completely aware of what exactly it is yet, but I am curious and really looking forward to my first healing with her so I can experience more of this amazing insight, relief, and cleansing. She had me do a couple things like one was she saw I was a huge worrier and so she had me put my troubles in a bubble and blow it in to her hand… I couldn’t believe how relaxed and relieved I felt after that! Within the 20 minutes I sat with Erin I went from not believing to believing! Thank you Erin!” ~Adam Bancroft Nampa, ID
“Dear Erin, I’m very thankful for the wonderful 1,5 hr-session we had a couple of hours ago. I can still feel the calmness, the clarity but above all the lightness it gave me. Releasing all fears conscious or unconscious gives courage and makes me fly. You have the gift to make it straight to the point even if thousands of kilometers separate us. Thank you for sharing your speciality! I can recommend your healing work warmly to anyone. It doesn only good. A thought about lightness I picked up: I am free and easy. I fly with the wings of wisdom and connectedness. Connected with those around me and with my own inner brilliance. Let’s keep in touch. Much love, Sylvie” ~Silvie Chin Vienna, Austria
Cleared and Focus
“I was stressed from school and after one session I had better memory, became more focus and made an A on my test.” ~Mia Naperville, IL
“I am delighted to add my testimonial to the masses who have already benefitted hugely from Erins gifts. I have so far had two sessions and already feel so much better. Working on past lives, Erin amazed me with her accurate clairvoyant reading which identified the past life and the pattern that was running through my life. I was able to energetically match my present day patterns or lessons with the past lives, and once that was realized, forgiven and released, it was gone. I feel so much lighter, calmer and accepting of my journey with no judgement of self, just love. For the first time ever, I feel at peace with myself! I feel blessed to have Erins help, she is an amazing healer with wonderful gifts. Thank you so much Erin my deepest gratitude for your help, guidance, support, compassion ….. you are a gift to the world. Kelly, England” ~ Kelly, Surrey England
Mind Blowing!
“Erin is amazing. Mind Blowing. I do not know what I expected from the chakra reading but she far surpassed anything that I might have imagined. I have had a lot of unusual things happen to me over the past few years and she nailed every one. She was not vague at all. NAILED THEM. I am a Reiki healer and intuitive myself so I am usually a little harder to please when getting a reading. I can smell a phony from a mile away. Erin has a true gift and what’s more it is like hearing the information from a friend. She does not sugar coat the information or use a lot of metaphysical terms you can’t understand. She lays it out in plain English. Just having the validation of her seeing what I have been going through and the truth behind the circumstance was, in it’s self, A HEALING. I absolutely cannot wait to get a clearing from her! Thank you Erin for sharing your gift with me and for using it to heal and transform.” ~Rhonda T. Castle Rock, CO
34181_138732859472078_100000060943094_387173_6525279_nTruly amazing, beautiful woman, with a unique gift to share
“Within 1 minute of my reading, Erin had described my fathers passing and what exactly had happened to him. For the next 30 minutes I was able to listen to direction from my father, through Erin, as to how to help my family. She was spot on about my sister, a nephew and my mother; all in need of help. I came to Erin as kind of a last ditch effort to figure out a direction in my life. After 90min, which seemed like 10, I have a clearer vision of the direction I need to go in order to help, not only myself, but members of my family. I was continually amazed by the accuracy and detail of the things that she was able to see. I am in the process of booking another session to complete my energy healing and learn more. I can’t stress enough..Erin is the real deal. No gimmicks. She has been put on this earth for a reason and that is to help out her fellow human beings. I have a great love and respect for her work and can’t wait for my next session!” ~Chandra Twin Falls, ID
Someone who’s last name truly suits them. Can’t thank you enough
I don’t understand how she does it, but all I can tell you is that it’s real. Did the 90 min. not knowing what to expect but the second we started we had an intense connection. You could feel it. She was RIGHT on the money about my issues. She brought up some stuff I had in relation with my parents, stuff NO one could possibly know. This is what just truly blew me away. Again, I don’t know how she does it but it’s truly amazing. The best thing was as she would tell you something about you, she would say…”Ok, now just let this go into the palm of my left hand with the intention, don’t focus on it too hard….” And to my control freak astonishment, I WAS ACTUALLY DOING IT! She would react to how hot it was as you LET IT GO! I felt like a different person after and the next day. I’m making big changes and have a renewed sense of hope, power and focus in my life. She’s truly gifted and special. Never encountered a healer like her before. Can’t wait till our next session, seriously! <3
~Jennifer Zuiff

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